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Chemistry high school exams

2018 Chem 13 News Exam and Avogadro Exam Results

The 2018 Chem 13 News and Avogadro exams have now been written. Here is a brief summary of the results.

  Number of Students Number of Schools Average Score
(out of 40)
Average Score
Chem 13 News 2201 311 15.25 38.13
Avogadro 4367 372 17.26 43.15

Participating teachers can use our online testing platform (SciOn) to view the exam with results, access their students’ scores, and generate certificates of distinction or participation. The website is

Access to SciOn:  Participating teachers must use the login and password information they used to sign in to administer the exam.  The information was sent by email from  If teachers no longer have this information, please contact Kathy Jackson ( to reset their login and password.  Please remember that Avogadro and Chem 13 News exams have different logins.

Feedback:  Please use our online form to provide feedback about the 2018 exams.  Your feedback will help us improve the experience for next year.

2019 Chem 13 News Exam and Avogadro Exam information for all schools

Both exams will be written online.

Chem 13 News Exam: Thursday May 9, 2019
Avogadro Exam: Thursday May 16, 2019

Do you have a 75-minute period to challenge your students chemically? Give them the experience of writing the Chem 13 News Exam or Avogadro Exam! The Chem 13 News Exam will be written on Thursday, May 9, 2019, and is designed for senior high school chemistry students in their second high school chemistry course. The Avogadro Exam will be written on Thursday, May 16, 2019, and is designed for students in their first high school chemistry course. The cost to write the contest is $3.50 per student.

All students will be writing the Chem 13 News and the Avogadro exams live online. The format of the exams will be the same as in previous years, 40 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes. By having students write online, we will have exam results back quickly, avoid shipping fees and have more statistical exam feedback for teachers to explore. On our new platform, teachers will be able to see how their students did on the exam as well as on each question relative to the rest of the students writing the exam.

The deadline for ordering these exams online is Monday, April 15, 2019.

Frequently asked questions about the Chem 13 News and Avogadro Exams

Order information for teachers (Exam Administrator):

  • The supervising teacher will register for, and order, exams online in a single step. 
  •  ?Enter the name of supervising teacher here, Exam Administrator Email: Enter the email address of the supervising teacher here, School Name, School City: Enter a location, School Province/State, School Country, Additional Notes, Add to CartAt the time of ordering, the supervising teacher is identified as the Exam Administrator. (The supervising teacher must enter their name and email address in the fields for Exam Administrator Name and Exam Administrator Email, as shown in the image on the right.)
  • The supervising teacher (exam administrator) must specify the number of students writing the exam at the time of ordering.
  • All orders require payment by credit card at the time of ordering. Confirmation of payment will be sent by email to the supervising teacher (exam administrator). Please retain this email as proof of payment.
  • With the new online payment system, we are no longer able to issue invoices.
  • No orders will be accepted after Monday, April 15, 2019

Link to the Chem 13 News Exam and Avogadro Exam order forms will be activated in February 2019.

    Exam process information

    • Teachers must have their students write the 2019 exam at one chosen time during the day on May 9 for the Chem 13 News Exam and May 16 for the Avogadro Exam.
    • All correspondence will be sent to the supervising teacher (exam administrator) via email.
    • A couple of weeks before the exam date, the registered supervising teachers (exam administrators) will receive an email from directing them to the exam website where they will receive more information about the online exam process.

    Each student will require:

    • a device with internet access. Approved devices for writing the exams include desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks and iPads.
    • one of the following browsers installed on an approved device: FireFox, Chrome or Safari. Other browsers may cause unforeseen problems. (Teachers will also need one of these browsers to administer the exam and to access student results.)


    If a teacher needs to have students write the exam on a different day due to illness or a school activity, students may be able to write the exam one day after the exam with an email request to Kathy Jackson by the teacher for a time extension.

    For more information

    For more detailed information about the Chem 13 News Exam and Avogadro Exam, please see the following links:

    Past Chem 13 News and Avogadro Exams and their solutions can be found at the following links:


    If you have any questions or have feedback, let us know. We want to make the transition to the online exam as smooth as possible. Email Kathy Jackson at