Sir Isaac Newton Exam home

The Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) exam is a test of high school physics and is offered by the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Waterloo to encourage the teaching of physics. The exam, although challenging, is meant to be refreshing and fun. Political and other topical humour have marked SIN exams for years. Students participate from across Canada, the USA and abroad.

Students should approach their physics teacher or guidance counsellor who will have access to all the details (or they can get the details by visiting this web site).

Students Learning From Home

Students learning from home on the day of the exam are able to take the exam from home.

Supervision Recommendation Note

While we ideally expect students to be supervised at their own schools while taking the exam, we completely understand that due to various restrictions and constraints including emerging health regulations that it my not be possible under existing conditions for teachers to provide complete supervision even with students writing at school let alone at home, and will leave the adjudication of the supervision to the best discretion/best practices of the teachers and schools.

Exam day

Thursday May 6, 2021

Register by

April 16, 2021

Login credentials will be emailed to the exam administrator around April 30.

Results and certificates are not emailed out. Teachers can print certificates and access student results from their account.