Student testimonials 

"Thanks for the opportunity. We love this test."

"As for Sir Isaac Newton test, I really enjoyed the problems! They are all great and interesting questions and it is enjoyable trying hard to solve these problems. The feeling of immersing myself in physics is such an excellent experience! It is a really great time to participate in the exam and I am so looking forward to next year's test!"

"Everything was great."

Teacher testimonials

"For my students, the preparation helps their overall physics skills. As a teacher, I like it as an opportunity to stretch the very able students."

"[The students] have a good laugh about the jokes. Also having a challenging exam where they know their grades nor university prospect are affected gives them an avenue to test themselves without the external pressure."

"I think it is great that you do the hand-marking. This must take a lot of time, but it is great that you are willing to do this."

Contest day

May 5, 2022

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Results and certificates are not emailed out. Teachers can print certificates and access student results from their account.

Supervision Recommendation Note

The contest must be proctored and can ONLY be written in a supervised environment. There will be NO self-administered tests in 2022.