Awards and prizes

Entrance awards - Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) Scholarships

Each year several Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) Scholarships are offered to our incoming Physics & Astronomy students proceeding towards an honours degree in either regular or co-operative programs at the University of Waterloo. These entrance scholarships pay the student up to $5,000 in year 1, and up to $1,000 in years 2 to 4.  Book prizes are also given to the top 150 participants.

Continuing awards - SIN Assistantships and Scholarships

Every SIN Entrance Award winner may hold a SIN Assistantship which pays up to $800 each year (i.e. $400 per term at $9.00/hr for up to 44.5 hrs; for a maximum of 8 assistantships over the course of the recipient's undergrad degree). Given satisfactory academic and project performance renewal may be granted. To take up this Assistantship, and for renewal, students must contact Linda Kelly, the SIN co-ordinator. Assistantships involve the student in a project such as research or teaching development with a faculty member. This is very helpful for both parties involved and students often continue their studies in the topic of their SIN assistantship.

Results and certificates are not mailed out. 

Teachers can print certificates and access student results from their account.

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