Annual teaching seminar, December 11

Dr. Randall KnightWhat do we know about the teaching and learning of physics?

This talk will distill four decades of research into 10 key bullet points and will look at the implications for instruction. 

The following workshop will give participants experience with techniques that increase learning gains.

Dr. Randall D. Knight
(California Polytechnic State University; 
Chair, Forum on Education of the American Physical Society)

All are welcome to attend - RSVP by December 1 

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Meet our people

Robert Mann

I work in on gravitation, quantum physics, and the overlap between these two subjects.  I am interested in questions that provide us with information about the foundations of physics, particularly those that could be tested by experiment.  I have a lively and energetic research group of about 10 graduate and undergraduate students, where we address a number of interesting questions in physics, such as