Waterloo physicists discover new properties of superconductivity

 Robert Hill/University of Waterloo)New findings from an international collaboration led by Professors David Hawthorn and Michel Gingras, doctoral student Andrew Achkar, and post-doctoral fellow Dr. Zhihao Hao have shown that electron clouds in superconducting materials can snap into an aligned and directional order called nematicity.

Their results, published in the journal Science, may eventually lead to a theory of how superconductivity initiates at the atomic level.


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Robert Mann

I work in on gravitation, quantum physics, and the overlap between these two subjects.  I am interested in questions that provide us with information about the foundations of physics, particularly those that could be tested by experiment.  I have a lively and energetic research group of about 10 graduate and undergraduate students, where we address a number of interesting questions in physics, such as