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Sept. 28, 2015 The quantum vacuum takes shape

The concepts of a quantum vacuum and quantum vacuum fluctuations are still not accepted by everyone. However, a group of researchers including Chris Wilson from the Department of Physics and Astronomy have found further evidence that the two concepts are a reality.

Sept. 24, 2015 A twist for control of orbital angular momentum of neutron waves

For the first time, a team of University of Waterloo researchers from the Faculty of Science and Institute Quantum Computing show that a wave property of neutrons, Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM), can be controlled.

This newfound control of neutron OAM states means that researchers can now use neutron OAM beams to see inside materials that optical, x-ray or electron OAM beams can’t penetrate.

This control can help measure the magnetism, for example, in magnetic materials, as well as deeper probes of superconducting and chiral materials.

Sept. 23, 2015 Transportation Public Lecture brings community together for Science Literacy Week Transportation public lecture

Physics and Astronomy Professor David Hawthorn demonstrates superconductivity using a miniature levitating train.