Community outreach

Science Open House

This free, annual event is the result of a collaborative effort which brings together activities from all science departments to introduce the wonders of science to kids of all ages.

Gustav Bakos Observatory

Tours for the public have been conducted at the Gustav Bakos Observatory for over ten years. These tours include monthly public tours; scheduled tours for groups such as girl guides, boy scouts, and elementary and high school classes; and tours for viewing special events such as eclipses and comets.

Physics Lab Days

Available every year in December and in April, grade 11 and 12 physics classes will engage in Physics lab stations specially designed to ignite their curiosity and to encourage them to make connections between various aspects of Physics.

Sir Isaac Newton exam

The SIN exam is a prize exam that is run by the Department of Physics at the University of Waterloo. It is administered by high school physics teachers across Ontario and around the world.