Impact & Testimonials

Acrylic sign with Physics Tutorial Centre Logo

The Physics Tutorial Centre is now the go-to place for academic support within the Department of Physics & Astronomy, making a significant impact on our learning community. Supported by generous contributions from donors and funding from the Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA), the Tutorial Centre has been instrumental in enhancing student success and networking.

Co-op students play a pivotal role in the Tutorial Centre's operations, ensuring it runs smoothly and effectively with constant supervision to maintain a safe learning space. Their contributions, alongside the financial support from donors and SAFA, have enabled us to provide comprehensive assistance to students across various physics courses as well as other courses within our curriculum such as math and some electives. We aim to make the use of these funds to create maximum educational impact for our student body.

Our Impact

Since its creation in Fall 2023, the Physics Tutorial Centre has experienced substantial growth and made a profound impact within our student community. We have seen a significant increase in student participation, with hundreds of students dropping by for our tutoring sessions.

To date, we have logged in over 700 visits to our Tutorial Centre, with ~250 visits in Fall 2023 and ~450 visits in Winter 2024. Once our first year is complete in August 2024, we will present a detailed overview of how many students we have supported and in what courses. Stay tuned for more information!

Appreciation from our Tutees!

At the Physics Tutorial Centre, students consistently express their gratitude for the invaluable support provided by our dedicated tutors across a wide spectrum of physics subjects. Testimonials highlight how tutors have effectively clarified complex concepts, provided patient guidance, and fostered a supportive learning environment. Students appreciate the personalized assistance that enhances their understanding and confidence in tackling many of their courses.

The Tutorial Centre is very welcoming and supportive. Not only have my math/physics skills improved, but it also helped me regain my confidence and love for learning! The tutors are all very patient, knowledgeable and friendly.

3rd Year Honours Physics Student

The Physics Tutorial Centre turned my dread for organic chemistry into a subject I can do in my sleep. The tutors provided clear explanations and practical examples that made learning effective yet enjoyable. I can’t thank them enough, they helped me finish in the top 15% of the class!

2nd Year Life Physics Student