Undergraduate students

Composite image of physics programs: nanotechnology research, lasers and optics research, Gustav Bakos Observatory tour at twilight.

This is an exciting time to be in physics. New materials are being developed that are challenging some of the basic concepts of condensed matter physics. We are at the threshold of being able to rearrange the bonds of molecules at will. The earliest moments of creation are now being actively studied, leading to discoveries about the mass, structure and expansion of the universe that were unknown as recently as 5 years ago. We are learning how to use quantum mechanics to design computers that – if successful – will be as different from modern computers as modern computers differ from the abacus. These are only a few of the exciting developments in physics that await you at the University of Waterloo.

The demand for physicists in government, industry and academia is at an all-time high. Upon graduating, our students are fully prepared to take the best advantage of these exciting new career opportunities. Come explore our website and find out where you might fit in.