Please contact the Physics Undergraduate Office for general information related to:

  • When courses are offered
  • Who is teaching each course
  • Drop/add dates and procedures
  • Course overrides (e.g. Department consent required)
  • Setting up appointments with an academic program advisor

By email:
In person: PHY 242


Richard EppRichard Epp

Undergraduate Officer

Undergraduate Advisor - Mathematical Physics 

Mike FichMike Fich

Undergraduate Advisor - Physics & Astronomy


Bae-Yeun HaBae-Yeun Ha

Undergraduate Advisor -
Life Physics

Stefan IdziakStefan Idziak

Undergraduate Advisor -
General advising


Qing-Bin LuQing-Bin Lu

Undergraduate Advisor - Chemical Physics

Rick MartaRick Marta

Undergraduate Advisor - Materials & Nanoscience