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As an integral part of Canada’s most innovative university, the Faculty of Science is a global leader and a preferred destination for those seeking to engage in world-class basic and applied research.

We take this valuable research strength and translate into hands-on education and co-op experiences that prepare Science students for rewarding careers. Student-directed programs such as Velocity Science give entrepreneurial students the opportunity to turn their ideas into businesses while the iGEM team compete at international synthetic biology competitions. Our award-winning Science Outreach events are designed to inspire the next generation of scientists.

From understanding the universe, to protecting our water resources to improving the health of Canadians to educating the next generation, Waterloo Science is shaping the future through discovery.

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  1. Mar. 28, 2023The importance of knowledge translation in health care
    Tablets in a pill box.

    In an age of misinformation, knowledge translation is an increasingly important way to communicate research to the audiences who need it.

  2. Mar. 24, 2023Prof. Scott Taylor wins the Bernard Belleau Award for contributions to medicinal chemistry
    Dr. Scott Taylor

    Dr. Scott Taylor has been awarded the Bernard Belleau Award from the Chemical Institute of Canada for his numerous and important contributions to medicinal chemistry. Taylor is a world leader in the study of an important class of antibacterial drugs known as the calcium-dependent lipopeptide antibiotics (CDAs).

  3. Mar. 22, 2023Mitigating errors in superconducting quantum circuits to pave the way for future quantum computers
    Aluminum superconducting electrical circuit

    With the quantum age on the horizon, scientists are working to develop quantum computers that will have a processing speed exponentially faster than today’s most advanced supercomputer. Building a useful quantum computer is one of the great engineering challenges of our time. In all implementations, qubits that are reliable, stable, and scalable are essential in this endeavor. 

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  1. Apr. 5, 2023Science Graduation Send-Off 2023
    Science Graduation Send-Off!

    Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone! To honour your hard work and perseverance, the Faculty of Science invites you to attend this celebration of you!

  2. June 2 to 3, 2023Alumni Weekend 2023
    blue bubble with alumni weekend text

    Come Join Us!

    It's time to come back to campus, and celebrate being an alum of the University of Waterloo.

    You can register now for Alumni Weekend and choose exactly which activities you want to be part of! We have plenty of events planned over two days so be sure to check out what's happening!

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