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Teaching awards

Distinguished Teaching Award recipients

The Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA) is received by teachers from the University of Waterloo who are evaluated based on evidence of intellectual vigour and communication skills in the interpretation and presentation of the subject matter in more than just the classroom, along with the instructor’s human quality and concern for and sensitivity to the needs of the students. More information about the DTA, including how to nominate an instructor, can be found on the Centre for Teaching Excellence website.

Year received Name Department/School
2018 Jake Fisher Chemistry
2017 Mónica Barra Chemistry
2014 Kashif Memon Science and Business
2012 Firas Mansour Physics and Astronomy
2011 Vivian Dayeh Biology
2010 Robert Mann Physics and Astronomy
2007 Barbara Moffatt Biology
2006 Owen Ward Biology
2005 Carey Bissonnette Chemistry
2004 Lyndon Jones Optometry and Vision Science
2004 Jane Lang Earth and Environmental Sciences
2004 Wing-Ki Liu Physics and Astronomy
1999 Rohan Jayasundera Physics and Astronomy
1998 Emil Frind Earth and Environmental Sciences
1996 John Smith Physics and Astronomy
1996 Bill Diehl-Jones Biology
1996 Morton Globus Biology
1995 Desmond Hemming Physics and Astronomy
1990 Alan Morgan Earth and Environmental Sciences
1990 Niels Bols Biology
1989 George Dixon Biology
1988 Anthony Anderson Physics and Astronomy
1987 Marlee Spafford Optometry and Vision Science
1987 Donald Irish Chemistry
1986 John Greenhouse Earth and Environmental Sciences
1984 Morris Tchir Chemistry
1983 David Williams Optometry and Vision Science
1982 Roger Downer Biology
1979 Stephen Smith Biology
1978 Thammaiah Viswanatha Chemistry
1976 Raj Pathria Physics and Astronomy

Excellence in Science Teaching Award

The Excellence in Science Teaching Award (ESTA) is awarded annually to a maximum of two instructors who have demonstrated sustained, high quality teaching in their undergraduate or graduate courses. The ESTA award was established to recognize and reward excellence in teaching and outstanding instructors within the Faculty of Science.

Year Recipients
2018 Kristine Dalton (Optometry and Vision Science) and Rick Marta (Chemistry)
2017 Michael Beazely (Pharmacy) and Richard Epp (Physics and Astronomy)
2016 Mónica Barra (Chemistry) and Kirsten M. Müller (Biology)
2015 Andrea Edginton (Pharmacy) and Bill Power (Chemistry)
2014 Patricia Hrynchak (Optometry and Vision Science) and Josh Neufeld (Biology)
2013 Christine Dupont (Biology) and Steve Forsey (Chemistry)
2012 Kashif Memon (Science and Business) and Cynthia Richard (Pharmacy)
2011 Jake Fisher (Chemistry) and Jonathan Witt (Biology)

Federation of Students Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award

Every year, University of Waterloo undergraduate students have the opportunity to recognize professors that have shown outstanding contribution towards undergraduate learning. Recipients have employed non-conventional teaching techniques, allowed opportunities for experiential learning and shown a long term commitment and dedication towards ensuring academic success for undergraduate students.

Year received Name Department/School
2015 Rohan Jayasundera Physics and Astronomy
2014 Josh Neufeld Biology
2009 Robert Mann Physics and Astronomy

Amit & Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student winners

The Amit & Meena Chakma Awards for Exceptional Teaching by a Student were established through a generous gift by Dr. & Mrs. Chakma to recognize and promote teaching excellence of our next generation of educators. Prior to 2006, it was named the Distinguished Teaching by a Registered Student Award. More information about this award can be found on the Graduate Studies website

Year received Name Department
2017 Lay Ling Tan Chemistry
2016 Laura Sauder Biology
2014 Brenda Lee Biology
2013 Kyra Jones Biology
2012 Keith Delaney Earth and Environmental Sciences
2009 Richelle Monaghan Biology
2008 Erin Spicer Biology
2006 Julie Gauley Biology
2001 Owen Clements Chemistry
2000 James Benson Physics and Astronomy

Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations Awards

The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards recognize individuals with exceptional contributions to the higher education community.

  • Donald Irish (Chemistry)

Leadership in Faculty of Teaching Award

The LIFT Award was developed to recognize and encourage teaching excellence at Ontario's colleges and universities. This award has been given out to faculty who influence, motivate and inspire students and demonstrate leadership in teaching methods for the diverse student body in Ontario.