Lecturer, Teaching Fellow, Undergrad Advisor, (Biomedical Science), OUPFB Field Course Coordinator

Marcel Pinheiro.Dr. Marcel Pinheiro's focus is zoology of the invertebrates, primarily benthic invertebrates and those that carry out a parasitic lifestyle. His undergraduate teaching focuses on exposing students to the diversity of eukaryotes, both single- and multi-celled, and striving to provide students with the chance to encounter these organisms in the field. Further, Dr. Pinheiro utilizes various technologies to enhance student engagement and writing in his classroom – at all years of study.

Undergraduate Advisor (Biomedical Sciences)

Biology Field Course Coordinator

Contact information
Office: B1 276
Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 39182
Email: marcel.pinheiro@uwaterloo.ca
Twitter: @mdopinheiro

University of Waterloo

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