Teaching Assistant Applications

Teaching Assistant Applications

Application Due Date:

Winter Applications: NOW OPEN

Due: 8:30 am on MONDAY, OCTOBER 30

Spring Applications will be available around mid-February.

Please note:

You must self-report your grades for the courses you wish to TA. Please note it is considered an academic offence to misrepresent your grades through this application and the Department will take any fraudulent reporting very seriously.  Make sure you report the mark for the correct aspect of a course. For example, if you are applying to a Lab course (i.e. 240L, 273L) make sure you report the mark for the Lab, not the main course.

Winter 2018 Course Offerings

Undergraduate student and BSc requirements to TA:

Students applying for a Teaching Assistantship (TA) position must have previously taken the course they would like to TA, and have received a grade of at least 75% in the course or have equivalent TA experience.  Students must be in good academic standing in the term prior to the start of the TA.

If you are chosen to TA, and you have not previously attended the Biology Department workshop, you must attend the next Biology workshop before you can begin your Teaching Assistantship.

Workshops are held on the first Saturday of classes in Fall and Winter terms. There is no workshop in Spring, so any TAs for Spring must have already attended the workshop. The next workshop will be held in January (tentative date: January 6, 2018).

NOTE:  The TA workshop is only for TAs hired by the department and is not open to the general student population.

All TAs must complete online safety training prior to the start of their TA term. The following online safety training must be completed:

  • WHMIS for UW Employees (note this is not the same as WHMIS for undergraduates);
  • Employee Safety Orientation;
  • Laboratory Safety,
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Awareness

You may be requested to complete additional safety training, if required. Information on how to complete the training will be available if you have been assigned a TA.


Not all applicants will receive a TA position, but we will select up to 9 students to be wait-listed. These students may be contacted in the event that there are extra TA positions needed at the start of term or when an assigned TA is revoked (e.g for not attending the workshop or online safety training).

Rates of Pay (effective September 1, 2017):

(1 TA = 5 hours/week)


Current UG

BSc done by beginning of TA term


 $  11.60

$  11.60

Months paid

12 weeks over 3 months

12 weeks over 4 months

Monthly rate

$ 232.00

$ 174.00

Term Total*

 $  696.00

 $ 696.00


*This is the total before taxes and does not include your vacation pay @ 4%

** Students with a BSc will have a required final exam proctoring assignment during the final exam period.

Graduate student ‘Other’ Requirements to TA:

People fall into this category if they are:

  1. A current Biology Graduate student over their time limit
  2. A current Graduate student from another department
  3. A graduate of the MSc/PhD Biology Program.

Rates of Pay:

(1 TA unit = 5 hours/week = 60 hours/term)

(2 TA units = 10 hours/week = 120 hours/term)


All Current Graduate Students

(effective May 1, 2017)

MSc/PhD Program Graduates

(effective September 1, 2017)




Months paid

4 Months

4 Months

1 TA Unit:    

Monthly rate



Term Total*



2 TA Units:    

Monthly rate



Term Total*



*The total before taxes and does not include your vacation pay @ 4%

Biology and Other Department Grad TAs:

Your supervisor must approve of your application if you are still within your program time limits and/or are being paid a Research Studentship.

Biology graduate students who are no longer eligible to receive a TA may apply for one or two TA units.


1. Submit Form

2. Initial offers will be sent by July 1. All applicants will be contacted by July 31, 2017 whether we are able to offer them a position or not.

3. Accept Offer and submit personal information to prepare payroll paperwork.

4. Submit 2017 tax forms (if you did not TA in the Winter or Spring terms) and sign your payroll form in B1-274 by September 15 (to be paid in September).

We thank all applicants for their interest in working with the Department of Biology. If you have questions after you review the information above, please contact April Wettig in the Biology Graduate Office.