Welcome to the Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology at the University of Waterloo

The Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology is a catalyst for advancing bioengineering and biotechnology research and innovation through industry collaborations and partnerships.  

More than 150 faculty members, from every faculty on campus, are actively engaged with the centre, working in collaboration to provide a resource of varying expertise.

Our mandate is to build healthy, active partnerships between centre researchers and corporate members through collaborative projects, mutual interest building, and networking events.

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The Centre for Bioengineering & Biotechnology (CBB) enables interdisciplinary research across the university to address global challenges in human health and help translate those research results rapidly into practice, policy and impactful health outcomes. Achieving this vision will help the University of Waterloo to cement an international reputation at the interface of technology and human health.


To achieve this vision, CBB's mission is to:  

  • Enable knowledge translation and support of the interdisciplinary research community through seminars, networking opportunities, and support of student groups 
  • Be a conduit to Waterloo's ecosystem of unique health related R&D and clinical resources 
  • Cultivate relationships with key stakeholders in technology, human, animal and environmental health and practice including industry, hospitals, community, and international bodies
  • Provide Project Coordination/Management for large/inter-institutional projects

Join us:

To become a member of CBB, you can start by filling out a quick survey. We will then be in touch to discuss further.


  1. Mar. 29, 2023Canada Biomedical Research Fund and Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund (CBRF-BRIF)

    Waterloo has the opportunity to apply for the Canada Biomedical Research Fund and Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund (CBRF-BRIF). Expressions of Intent are being organized via the Strategic Health Initiatives office. 

    Information Session: Thursday March 30th, 2023 12 - 1 p.m. via Teams - contact Grace Gomashie at ggomashie@uwaterloo.ca

  2. Mar. 22, 2023Using AI to advance health care in Canada
    event banner

    How do we bridge machine learning with clinical decision making for better patient outcomes?

    You are invited to the virtual health data seminar on Wednesday, March 22, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm ET.

  3. Mar. 2, 2023Congratulations to the CBB Seed Funding recipients
    Heahshots of Seed Fund recipients

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  1. Apr. 26, 2023Profs Present - DNA aptamers: disease diagnosis and targeted drug delivery
    Profs presents april 2023


    DNA aptamers are single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides that can selectively bind to target molecules. They can be used for the detection of various metabolites and proteins as disease biomarkers. Our lab recently discovered new aptamers that can bind to caffeine, uric acid and lactate, and converted them to highly sensitive and selective fluorescent biosensors. In addition, we have isolated aptamers that can bind to exosomes, which could be used for the isolation and detection of exosomes as important disease biomarkers. Finally, we have isolated aptamers that can bind to pig cornea and established an aptamer-enhanced ocular drug delivery method to treat dry eye diseases.

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Ala Eldin Omer

Ala Eldin Omer

PhD Graduate

Congratulations to NSERC CREATE Training in Global Biomedical Technology Research and Innovation program trainee, Ala Eldin Omer who has completed his training in the program and PhD at the University of Waterloo.

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