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The Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology is a catalyst for advancing bioengineering and biotechnology research and innovation through industry collaborations and partnerships.  

More than 130 faculty members, from every faculty on campus, are actively engaged with the centre, working in collaboration to provide a resource of varying expertise.

Our mandate is to build healthy, active partnerships between centre researchers and corporate members through collaborative projects, mutual interest building, and networking events.

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A Message from the Centre's Director

At the Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology, we have over 130 researchers working in areas as diverse as new pharmaceutical delivery systems, lab testing on technologies as small as a computer chip, better and lower cost imaging systems, and software solutions for healthcare.  Our researchers span all departments of the faculties of engineering and science, and includes researchers from other faculties as well. The common thread between researchers is a dedication to understanding how technology can work in conjunction with biology and people to make a better world.

The Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology is focused on partnerships.  Success in this area requires strong partnerships between researchers, students, industry, healthcare and government. For this reason, the Centre welcomes members from these communities and encourages them to join the Centre and participate in our research.  We host industry focus days, seminars, workshops, student events, and help build the right teams to tackle the toughest problems.  Come join us, and work towards a better, healthier world through technology.

- Catherine Burns, Director, Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology

  1. Feb. 20, 2019John McPhee and researchers develop 3D-printed device for wheelchair curlers for better shot control

    John McPhee thought it would be easy to design a device to give Canada’s competitive wheelchair curlers better control of their shots.

    Eighteen months and seven prototypes later, he doesn’t mind admitting it hasn’t been easy at all.

    The surprisingly complex problem has so far required hundreds of hours of work by McPhee, a systems design engineering professor at the University of Waterloo, and four of his students.

  2. Feb. 19, 2019Clark Dickerson talks about how to make the push-up work for you

    If you want to improve your golf swing, softball pitch, or tennis serve, the push-up is for you.

    The push-up is a highly adaptable exercise that can be tailored to help individuals with specific needs, say a team of UWaterloo researchers who studied a modified push-up, called a ‘push-up plus.’

  3. Feb. 15, 2019Seed Fund R2 Recipients


    The Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology is pleased to announce the award winners of the Seed Fund Round 2. 

    The mission of the seed fund is to help drive scientific innovation, growth, and opportunity through the support of collaborative research across UW faculties.  

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  1. Mar. 26, 2019Part 1 - IP and Commercialization Workshop by WatCoCREATE IP Workshop

    Part 1-IP & Commercialization Workshop


    • Eric Luvisotto, Technology Transfer Officer, WatCo
    • Scott Inwood, Director, WatCo

    Learning objectives:

    • Basics of Intellectual Property (IP) and UWaterloo IP rights
    • IP Litigators in Canada
    • Case study, group work, Q&A

    CREATE students receive a 6 hour Biomedical Commercialization Module credit.

  2. Mar. 27, 2019Pizza with the Profs

  3. Mar. 28, 2019Making a Case for Multi-energy X-ray Detectors by Dr. Karim KarimCREATE Design Training

    Speaker: Dr. Karim Karim, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; CTO, KA Imaging

    • CREATE students receive a 1 hour Design Training Module credit.

    Please RSVP for this event. Please note that this event is only open to faculty, students and post docs.

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