United Kingdom

This partnership project is led by CBB member Zoya Leonenko, and aims to establish long-term research collaborations between the University of Waterloo and the University of Bristol (UB), United Kingdom, that will lead to important outcomes both in terms of scientific communications and grant applications. It helps to establish collaborations between UW researchers and commercial companies.  It promotes the newly established Biophysical Society of Canada (BSC) and helped to establish regular annual meetings of the BSC. The project also provides excellent international experience for UW’s graduate students and will help to establish national and international relationships with students and faculty to develop Highly Qualified Personnel.


Date (Newest to oldest) Event
  • (December) Workshop at the University of Bristol.
    A 2nd Nanotechnology workshop between UW and UB was held in Bristol to further discuss research collaboration.  A graduate-student symposium was held to showcase the research achievements of the students and to promote networking opportunities. This symposium was part of the Bristol-Waterloo Graduate Training Program organized by the Director of the College of Doctoral Training, Dr Terrence McMaster, and the Director of the Bristol Centre for Functional and Nanomaterials (BCFN), Dr Annela Seddon.
  • (July) UB training visit at the University of Waterloo.
    The graduate training program continued in Waterloo with a delegation of 15 faculty and graduate students from the University of Bristol participated in cleanroom-operation demonstrations, laboratory tours and researcher-shadowing activities.
  • (June) IRPG-EU "High-speed AFM observation of the effect of β-amyloid on neuronal membranes with relevance to mechanisms of Alzheimer’s Disease", University of Bristol, United Kingdom
    UW PI Participants: Zoya Leonenko, Physics and Astronomy, Shirley Tang, Chemistry, Michael Beazely, School of Pharmacy, John Mielke, School of Public Health and Health Systems.
    This grant is to establish first research collaboration between UW PI (Leonenko) and UB PI (Miles). 
  • (June) 1st UB-UW Workshop in Nanotechnology, joint with the First Annual Meeting of the Biophysics Society of Canada at the University of Waterloo.
    UW PI Participants: Zoya Leonenko, Physics and Astronomy, Catherine Burns, Systems Design Engineering
    Discussions to define strengths and interests in the theme areas of nanotechnology and quantum information technology between the Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, the University of Bristol. Fifteen students and faculty delegation from UB and more than 130 participants from Canada and abroad attended the 2 day workshop.
  • (January) IRPG-EU "Bilateral University of Bristol-University of Waterloo Workshop in Nanotechnology  Joint with the First Annual Meeting of the Biophysics Society of Canada", University of Bristol, United Kingdom