COVID-19 Response Funding Opportunities

The following is a list of potential COVID-19 response funding for research projects.

For a more detailed and up-to-date list of funding opportunities and calls for proposals, please visit the Funding opportunities and calls for proposals related to COVID-19 page.

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IBM Corporation, US

Call for code global challenge – IBM Corporation, US: Submissions recognizing practical and sustainable open source solutions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and climate change are invited; Solutions must be based on one or more IBM Cloud services, such as web, mobile, data, analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things or weather applications; The use of sponsor or affiliate application programming interfaces and open source libraries is also encouraged. (Max: US$200,000; Deadline: July 31, 2020)

Genome Canada

Information on GenomicsReady - Fast-Tracking COVID-19 solutions and a list of other funding opportunities:

OR contact: Lisa Sergovich (


Mitacs will be opening up 200 units of Accelerate for SMB’s that are driving COVID related research projects. Mitacs will be putting a streamlined review process in place for these applications and providing a special leveraging ratio, where SMEs would contribute $3,750/unit and Mitacs would provide $11,250/unit (to the total per unit award remains the same as usual: $15K total, with $10K min. stipend and $5K research flex funds). These units are designed to support tactical research projects that will have an immediate impact on the COVID pandemic. The application form and process is otherwise unchanged. Rigorous methodologies are still required, but upon submission, the turnaround time will be faster and the funding is there to support the quick launch of projects.

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Mitacs and AGE-WELL NCE Inc. funding opportunity: Through this new collaboration, additional funding is available for post-secondary and SME business partnership initiatives that address the unique issues faced by older adults and their caregivers in the context of COVID-19. Inquire about eligibility with one of the local Mitacs Business Development representatives: Ashley Hannon ( or Mike McCleary ( or visit the Mitacs COVID-19 page.

#COVID19Canada: Mitacs and Industrial Postdoctoral funding opportunity: New postdoctoral fellow funding for one-year collaborative research projects between universities and industry or not-for-profit partners that demonstrate a strong benefit to Canada in battling COVID-19 and addressing its aftermath. Inquire about eligibility with one of the local Mitacs Business Development representatives: Ashley Hannon ( or Mike McCleary (

Mitacs and Kids Brain Health Network–#COVID19Canada: To address the needs of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families, Accelerate internships under this call for proposals must have an emphasis on community-based services. Inquire about eligibility with one of the local Mitacs Business Development representatives: Ashley Hannon (; Mike McCleary (; or Amanda Green ( (No deadline but limited time offering)


Artificial intelligence for health – COVID-19 grant: The Microsoft Corporation invites proposals for its artificial intelligence for health COVID-19 grant to support research with potential benefits and a defined impact to the COVID-19 response. (Deadline: July 15, 2020)

National Research Council Canada

The Pandemic Response Challenge Program

Purpose: This program will build teams to address challenges requiring further research and development for solutions to meet COVID-19 related needs. The NRC will build these teams drawing on internal-to-government capacity and academic researchers who register using the button below to indicate their interest, and related areas of expertise and capabilities.

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NSERC Alliance COVID-19 Grants

Up to $50,000 for university researchers collaborating with private-sector, public-sector or not-for-profit organizations.

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Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster

Call for COVID-19 Solutions - project leader MUST be a member of the supercluster to apply

The Digital Technology Supercluster is leading the development of solutions to some of the biggest issues created by COVID-19. The COVID-19 Program is focused on unlocking solutions to protect the health and safety of all Canadians and our economy through the development, deployment, and scaling of digital technologies.

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Fast Grants

$10K - $500K for COVID-19 related projects.

Decisions are made within 48 hours

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Thistledown Foundation

Originally focused on technological solutions for decarbonization, this foundation has shifted their focus to COVID-19 response to:

  • Accelerate COVID-19 focused academic research projects.
  • Improve domestic PPE supply chain.

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