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This page will announce upcoming mobility opportunities including conferences, internship, and exchanges. 

  • CREATE Travel Assistantship Guideline and Application. [Document]

Remember to acknowledge funding by using the following texts in Research Publications:

We acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), CREATE 509950-2018 Training in Global Biomedical Technology Research and Innovation.

The minimum training requirements for trainees are summarized below.  Each trainee must complete a minimum of 7 hours of combined training per term to remain in the program.

Types of Training/Modules for Undergraduates
  • CREATE orientation session
  • 3 hours of asynchronous training in Bio-design and Literature review
  • 4-month CREATE research project
Types of Training/Modules Masters PhD
Module 1: Start-up A mandatory module within the first term of joining the program.  Approximately 7-hour commitment.
  • Program Overview
  • Entrance Questionnaire (Link)
  • Literature Review Quiz
  • Bio-design Quiz
  • TCPS II certificate
Module 2: Design Training Minimum of 21 hours
  • Needs Finding and Assessment
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Concept Evaluation and Refinement
Module 3: Biomedical Commercialization  Minimum of 14 hrs Minimum of 28 hrs
  • Regulatory Aspects and Standards
  • Biomedical Ethics and Clinical Evaluations
  • Entrepreneurship and Commercialization
  • Innovation and Challenges in Biomedical Technologies
Module 4: Professional Skills Minimum of 7 hours
  • Writing and Communications
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Career Development

Additional Training:

  • Technical Skills
  • Opportunities
1 Published Research Paper 3 Published Research Papers
  • Mobility - Conference, Internship, Exchange

Information for future trainees

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