CBB researchers working in labs

The Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology Five-Year Strategic Priorities

CBB delivers on the vision and mission by enabling the following strategic priorities:

  1. Translation of Health Technology from lab to practice

    1. Access to patients and end users via coordinated small group meetings, seminars, symposiums, and special lectures to enable a “needs first approach”.
    2. Access to regulatory information and government requirements associated with health technologies.
    3. Enabling the marketing, engagement and planning of pathways to clinical validation
    4. Expedited access to collaborators, funding opportunities and resources in the region, nationally and internationally
  2. Investigational Testing and Clinical Trials

    1. Increasing access to clinical sites and practitioners to test health devices.
    2. Creating mechanisms to provide validation and feedback on new health technologies including expert opinion.
  3. Interdisciplinary Research in Global Health, Healthy Aging and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

    1. Specific support for partnerships and funding opportunities for members in broad research areas across the university that impact Global Health, Aging and NCDs.
    2. Facilitating networking opportunities and curating unique collaborative communities around Global Health, Aging and NCD research.
  4. Access to Health Data

    1. Developing relationships with local, national and international organizations and societies to increase access to health data for the UW community.
    2. If demand exists, explore opportunities to enable the management of health data on campus at Waterloo.
  5. Health and Medical Professional Development

    1. Developing relationships with regional, national and international organizations and societies to enable awareness of unique educational materials available on UW campus for professional development of health and medical professionals.
    2. If demand exists, enabling content creation and delivery of educational materials for professional development of health and medical professionals.
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