Faculty Research Networking Events

CBB is hosting several researcher networking events throughout 2019 and beyond, open to all faculty and post docs.  

The goals of the events are to: 

  • Connect researchers to promote interdisciplinary research team building and be proactive for major grant opportunities.
  • Provide a venue to highlight Waterloo’s research and understand the challenges faced and being pursued by industry.

Please join the mail list and select the discussion groups/networking events you're interested in attending. 

As meeting dates are finalized, an email will be sent to you asking you to register for the specific event (via Eventbrite) confirming your attendance.  You can make changes to your email preferences anytime, or by contacting cbb@uwaterloo.ca.

Date Theme Potential Discussion Topics

May 5, 2023



QNC 1501

Health Technologies Mixer


9:00 - Territorial acknowledgment and welcoming remarks
9:20 - Saxion Presentation
9:40 - Technical Presentations
12:10 - Seed announcement and closing remarks
12:40 - Networking lunch

Saxion University Speakers:

University of Waterloo Speakers:

Student Presenters:

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January 28, 2020


Room: EC5-1111, Enterprise Theatre

Data Driven Biomedical Applications of AI

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How can AI can be used to support patient care and system improvements?

Theme applications include:

  • Intelligent telemetry for improving monitoring and home care support for patients and families and healthcare providers
  • Natural language processing of medical records to identify probability of cancer recurrence
  • Personalized transfer learning
  • Computational models of emotional alignment between older adults with dementia, care partners, and technological assistants
  • Multi-sensor integration and IoT for community health


10:30 - Poster presentation, networking
11:00 - Waterloo/CBB speakers
11:45 - Industry speakers
12:00 - Keynote and questions
12:45 - Lunch, poster presentations and networking
1:30 - End

Keynote speaker:

  • Yuri Quintana, Ph.D., Chief of the Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School

University of Waterloo Speakers

Industry Speakers

May 30, 2019


Room: EC5-1111, Enterprise Theatre

Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Health in Aging and Disease

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10:30 - Poster setup, coffee, networking
11:00 - Lab Ignite pitch presentations (3-5 minutes each)
11:45 - Keynote speaker: Karim Khan, UBC
12:30 - Light lunch, lab posters, networking
1:00 - Optional: Lab tours upon request

Keynote speaker: 

  • Karim Khan

    Scientific Director of CIHR's Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis

    Professor and Education Lead for the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility

    Dept of Family Practice and School of Kinesiology, UBC

    Editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine

Confirmed Researchers:

  • Tom Willett, Systems Design Engineering; Waterloo Composite Biomaterials Systems Lab
  • Stewart McLachlin, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering; Orthopaedic Medical Devices
  • Ning Jiang, Systems Design Engineering; Waterloo Engineering Bionics Lab
  • Monical Maly, Kinesiology; Mobilize Clinical Biomechanics Lab
  • James Tung, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering; Assistive Technologies and Neuromotor Control
  • Stacey Acker, Kinesiology; Biomechanics of Human Mobility Lab
  • Mayank Kalra, PhD Candidate, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering for Naveen Chandrashekar

Confirmed Guests:

April 10, 2019


Room: Davis Centre Fishbowl (DC-1301)

Clinical Applications of Medical Imaging Technologies

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What are the clinical applications of your medical imaging technologies (AI, diagnostics, treatments, analysis, etc.)?


10:30 - Poster setup, coffee, networking
11:00 - Researcher presentations (5 minutes each)
12:00 - Light lunch and Company presentations (5 minutes each)
12:30 - Grant identifications, next steps, networking
1:00 - Optional: Lab tours upon request

Confirmed Researchers:

Confirmed Guests:

Wednesday January 23, 2019


EC1-1323 Games Institute Collaboration Space

VR & Augmented Reality

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  • How are you using VR/AR/Holograms in your research?
  • What road blocks have you encountered?
  • What are your aspirations for future research?

Format: Introductions, 10 minute presentations, grant identification, discussions, next steps, playable demos. A light lunch will be provided.

Confirmed Researchers:

Confirmed Guests:

This event is supported by the CBB and the Games Institute.

TBC AI in Health and Sensors How are you using AI for data driven decision making?
TBC Computational Modelling How are you leveraging computational modelling in your research?
TBC Environmental Biotechnology How are you using biotechnology to solve Environmental problems?
TBC Healthcare Systems Engagement and promotion of Social Health Systems
TBC Neurodegenerative Diseases & Aging How is your research related to early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases?