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The Department of Systems Design Engineering is a globally unique interdisciplinary department hosting flexible and innovative programs.  In addition to our new Biomedical Engineering program, Systems Design remains committed to Human Factors, Mechatronics, and Social Environmental Systems.

  1. Jan. 19, 2022Farming crickets for food

    Waterloo Engineering spinoff recognized by United Nations for sustainable AI innovation

    A company that was co-founded by two Waterloo Engineering professors has been recognized by an agency of the United Nations (UN) for its contributions to a state-of-the-art facility to farm crickets as a source of protein.

  2. Jan. 17, 2022Neurotech for intuitive human-machine interactions and faster gaming

    Waterloo’s Engineering Bionics Lab is a hub of innovation for interfaces and technologies that augment human capabilities

  3. Jan. 12, 2022Taking a step toward self-walking robotic exoskeletons

    Trailblazing research is transforming the field of rehabilitation medicine by developing robotic exoskeleton legs capable of autonomous control and decision making. 

    Brokoslaw Laschowski is using his interdisciplinary education —

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  1. Jan. 27 to Feb. 24, 2022The Water Innovation Challenge
    Blue water innovation banner with 3 logos

    New Innovation Research Challenge Seeks Proposals for Novel Applications of BlackBerry Technologies to Advance Progress Against UN Sustainable Development Goals

  2. Jan. 27, 2022Posters For Student Activism - a Visual/Sonic Online Workshop Event

    Feed your creative being while connecting to the themes of UWaterloo's Critical Tech Talk Series discussing the ethics of Technology.

    About this event

    Held virtually, this will be a relaxed workshop style event that sees a brief review of the history of student organizing and the accompanying posters that supported those movements. We'll then livestream some music and people can then take time to just chill and draw.

  3. Feb. 1, 2022Small-scale Magnetically Actuated Robotic Tools for Biomedical Applications

    Research seminar 

    Small scale robots have the potential to offer many unique applications for minimally invasive surgery, sensing and drug delivery in healthcare as well as more generally for microfactories and as scientific tools. They are precise end-effectors that can manipulate objects with a high degree of accuracy. Many surgical and on-chip tasks can be performed by manipulating these robots in their dedicated environments.

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