About Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering (BME) is an interdisciplinary field of research that applies principles from engineering, science, mathematics, and computer science to solve complex problems in medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. The aim is to develop knowledge, technologies and methodologies that may improve the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of diseases, as well as enhance the quality of life for individuals with various medical conditions.

Hear from three faculty members who are teaching in the BME programs and conducting cutting edge research in biomaterials, medical imaging, and medical microbotics in the video below!

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Undergraduate program

At the undergraduate level, the Biomedical Engineering program is offered as a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc). Students take core courses engineering, applied science, and design that include opportunities for hands-on learning. In between academic terms, students gain up to two years of work experience through co-operative education. The program culminates with the Capstone Design Project, where students identify a healthcare problem and design an innovative solution.