Informational Resources

To get started, use the steps outlined in this article.

Co-op Website

This resource covers all general information related to the co-op program including how to find a co-op job, how to use WaterlooWorks, working abroad, co-op fees, and more.

International Students - Co-op Resouces 

This page outlines specific details about how international students should prepare and for their co-op term, as well as tips for international students and resources available to them during their terms. 

Future Ready Talent Framework 

This website details a series of key competencies/skill sets that are in high demand in today's workplace. 


Preparing for Co-op

Centre for Career Action

Career Advisors can help with career planning, career management strategies, graduate and professional school preparation, work search methods and setting meaningful career goals. This can be done through one-on-one sessions, workshops and events, and several other resources.


Find resume and interview tips, sample resumes, and various workshops that will help set you up for a successful job search.

Career Hub:

Use this site to find resume writing tips, interview tips, and advice on finding work. You can also use your WatID credentials to take a look at the current employment statistics.


Applying for Co-op

Co-op Sequences

Use this page to learn when the co-op and study terms are for your program!

Your Stream:

Once you have your student number, use this page to find out what co-op stream you belong to!


WaterlooWorks is a platform used by students to apply for jobs, book interviews, and several resources /platforms for finding jobs even outside the co-op term. 


Co-op Contacts

WatPD Contacts

The Academic Director of WatPD-Engineering and a representative from WatPD visit 1A (stream 4) and 1B (stream 8) classes during the fall and winter terms to introduce students to WatPD-Engineering. These sessions focus on the program's goals, the importance of professional skills for Engineering students, and the two compulsory PD courses (PD19 and PD20) Engineering students take.