Minimum funding and other support

Minimum Funding

All full-time students in the MASc and PhD programs are guaranteed a minimum level of funding while they are within their program time limits and in good academic standing. You will use this to pay your tuition and then the rest, if applicable, will be deposited into your bank account. 

Plan Duration Amount (Per year)
PhD (from a complete Master’s) 12 terms (4 years) $30,000*
PhD (directly from a Bachelor's) 15 terms (5 years) $30,000*
MASc 6 terms (2 years) $18,000
MEng/ MMSc/ MBET/ MARch   No guaranteed funding
*May increase in the future.

Minimum funding for doctoral students is reviewed annually by the Graduate Student Support Advisory Committee. Explore the annual review process.

Additional to the minimum funding

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (TA) & Graduate Research Assistanships (RA)

TA’s and RA’s are paid monthly and the salaries are on top of the minimum funding. Graduate Teaching Assistantships (TA) and Graduate Research Assistantships (RA) are available to selected students and are paid on top of any awards and scholarships they are already receiving.


  • Graduate teaching assistantships (TA) are positions held by qualified students to assist a faculty member with instructional responsibilities. TA’s perform various tasks such as teaching a class, marking papers, or holding drop-in sessions to support students in their learning. 
  • Graduate research assistantships (RA) are positions held by qualified students who are responsible for helping a faculty member with their research. The research duties of an RA are outside the scope of a student's research.  
    • If a student receives a TA or RA salary and a scholarship, the scholarship will be paid once during that term, but their salary is paid monthly at the end of each month.  RA/TA salaries are taxed.
    • If a student declines a TA or RA opportunity, it will not get replaced with a scholarship. 

Internal support for international students (IDSA and IMAE)

Internal funding is financial support provided by the University of Waterloo. Internal funds such as the International Doctoral Student Awards (IDSA) or the International Master's Awards of Excellence (IMAE) are added on top of the minimum funding.

International Doctoral Student Award (IDSA)

Valued at $15,420 / year for 4 years. An IDSA will be provided automatically to all international students who are registered full-time in a doctoral program. The value is approximate to the difference in tuition between domestic and international full-time PhD students. The award’s value and duration varies depending on multiple factors. See all details and conditions.

International Masters' Awards Of Excellence (IMAE)

Valued at $2,500 / term for max. 5 terms. The IMAE will be awarded to a small number of selected international research master’s students who meet the eligibility criteria. The Faculty will nominate eligible students based on the Faculty’s award allocation. Students will be selected based on academic excellence as demonstrated through their application for admission to the graduate program. See all details and conditions.

International agreements and sponsorships

Find the numerous agreements with institutions abroad. If you are applying for graduate studies under one of these formal agreements, please review Waterloo’s sponsorship requirements which are an important part of your application process. International agreements and sponsorships may replace the minimum funding or IDSA.  

Funding that replaces the minimum funding

Any funding that is considered a major award (over $15,000/year in value) replaces the minimum funding. Awards that replace the minimum funding include but are not limited to the Tri Agency Scholarships (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC), IBET Momentum Fellowship, Engineering Excellence master's and doctoral Fellowships, and the OGS-QEII (GSST).