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Engineering Research Office - Research videos

Targeted Drug Delivery

Using an in-vitro model which reconstructs a human eye, research into the reaction between eye and biomaterial, such as a contact lens, no only will reduce the need for animal testing and expensive clinical trials, it will eventually lead to better drug delivery systems and therapies for glaucoma and cataract patients.

Sports engineering research

Professor John McPhee's team studies the dynamics and controls of human interaction with mechatronic systems. Their goals are to improve athletic performance and safety through a deeper understanding of biomechanics, mechatronic training devices and equipment. 


Revolutionizing water treatment

Many hazardous contaminants in water cannot be removed by conventional technologies like filtration, chlorination and ultraviolet radiation. Professor Frank Gu explains how his team can remove pollutants using nanotechnology and titanium dioxide, and lead the creation of next generation water treatment. 

Wireless Communications

Professor Sujeet Chaudhuri, Co-Director, Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems explains how the world-class facility at Waterloo is designed to completely absorb reflections of sound and electromagnetic waves. The research will advance wireless technologies in smartphones, cars, healthcare and much more. 


Sustainable pavement

Susan Tighe's research is focused on sustainable pavement, and designing infrastructure with a long, efficient life, reducing the need for later maintenance. Waterloo Engineering's laboratory facilities allow Susan and her research group to test their pavement designs under extreme conditions, something that they couldn't do anywhere else in Canada.