Program changes

To request a program change you need to complete the Program/plan change form. Instructions for completing a program change can be found on the GSPA website. All program change requests will be reviewed by the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies. You and your supervisor(s) will be notified by your departmental coordinator once the transfer request has been approved or denied.

If you plan to change programs, please be sure to review the program requirements for your new program. All Program/plan change forms must be submitted to your Department Grad Coordiantor at least 3 weeks before the registration deadline for the applicable term to allow for enough time to process the form and have it sent to the EGSO/GSPA for coding.

Course-based Master's to thesis-based Master's 

If you are enrolled in a course-based Master's program (e.g. MEng) you can complete the Program/plan change form to change to a thesis-based Master's program (e.g. MASc) in consultation with your department's Associate Chair, Graduate Studies and the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies. A transfer to a thesis-based Master's program can only be approved if you have a faculty member confirmed as your thesis supervisor. 

If you are a full-time course-based Master's student, you must make your request no later than the completion of your third term of study.

If you are a part-time course-based Master's student, special permission is required by your department's Associate Chair, Graduate Studies and the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies.

You may request a program change from a thesis-based program to a course-based program by completing the same program change form. 

Master's of Applied Science to Doctor of Philosophy

If you are enrolled in a Master's of Applied Science (MASc) program you can complete the Program/plan change form to change to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program without completing your Master's degree.

Students who are interested in transferring from an incomplete Masters degree in a Faculty of Engineering Department must have their supervisor complete a Program/plan change form and submit it in conjunction with the Faculty of Engineering PhD Program Transfer Request form. You should be aware of PhD Comprehensive Completion deadlines for transfer students before starting this process. In order to request transfer to a PhD program you  must not be beyond the fourth academic term of your current Master’s program and have:

  • An excellent undergraduate record
  • A current in program average over 85%
  • A clearly defined research program that is likely to satisfy the research proposal component of the PhD comprehensive examination
  • A demonstrated aptitude for research
  • Adequate English language skills which should enable you to write a thesis and to communicate orally

In exceptional cases, students may request to change their program from a PhD to a Master's program completing the program change form and including a letter of support from your PhD supervisor.