Labs and Facilities

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The Faculty of Engineering has exceptional teaching and research facilities to ensure our faculty members and students have access to cutting-edge equipment and laboratories. 

Engineering 7 Event and Pitch Space

The Pitch and Event Space gives students a professional venue to craft startup pitches, then present them to venture capitalists and investors. More than 100 events are hosted annually, ranging from Capstone Design Symposiums to alumni relations to Hack the North. The E7 Event and Pitch Spaces are for Faculty of Engineering Events and can be booked by our Faculty, Staff and Students via the Senior Events Manager. Groups from outside the faculty will be considered case by case and approved by the Senior Events Manager.

The Pitch and Event Space is on the second floor of Engineering 7 (E7).

Engineering Student Machine Shop

The engineering student machine shop is the faculty's primary student machine shop that supports course projects, student design teams, entrepreneurship, and graduate students. Specialty services include laser cutting, 3D printing, and electronics fabrication. Additionally, a wood, project, and paint shop.

The student shops for design and manufacturing are found in Engineering 5 (E5).

Engineering Outreach Classrooms

Waterloo Engineering Outreach engages young people in science and engineering by igniting their natural curiosity and cultivating a commitment to lifelong learning, discovery, and invention. We do this by having current university students, already passionate about engineering and science, offer hands-on activities demonstrating theories and principles to elementary and high school youth. Some of Outreach's community focus include Engineering Science Quest (ESQ) camps, workshops, leadership courses, events and initiatives, and supporting female engineering students through Women in Engineering programs.

The Engineering Outreach classrooms are on the first floor of Engineering 7 (E7). For general inquiries, please email

Multimedia Lab Classroom

The Multimedia Classroom is a sophisticated state-of-the-art facility designed to provide a "user-friendly" teaching and learning atmosphere. It has 120 Waterloo Nexus workstations in theatre-style seating and specialized multimedia equipment. The CPH Multimedia Classroom has hard-wired and wireless connections for your laptop. Please note that hard-wired connections are limited to the first four rows of the centre portion of the classroom, where wireless connections exist for the entire room. For connection information, please read Notebook Connection. Find the latest software list here and the multimedia lab schedule here.

The classroom is located on the main floor of the Carl A. Pollock Hall (CPH) between the Engineering Society Office and POETS. No FOOD, DRINK or SPEAKERS are allowed in the CPH Multimedia Classroom. Please see these instructions and contacts for booking.

For help with using the equipment in this room, please contact Dave Walsh in Engineering Computing.

Pearl Sullivan Engineering IDEAS Clinic

The Pearl Sullivan Engineering IDEAS Clinic allows students to work with their peers to solve complex engineering problems. In addition, they can use this space to understand the bigger picture and relate course content to real-life situations. This can be anything from introductory one-day dissection activities to open-ended, project-based short courses.

The clinic is located on the first and second floors of Engineering 7 (E7) in studios 1427/1437 and 2409. Please see these instructions and contacts for booking.

Rapid Prototyping Centre

The Rapid Prototyping Centre provides high quality 3D printing and laser cutting to students, staff and faculty, focusing on undergraduate students and design teams at the University of Waterloo.

Look at this video to see the benefits of coming into E5-2002 for a print.

Sedra Student Design Centre

The Sedra student design centre has over 20,000 square feet dedicated to design teams and student projects. There are more than two dozen student-led design teams, many of which represent Waterloo internationally. It is the largest facility of its type in North America.

The Sedra student design centre is in Engineering 5 (E5), adjacent to the Engineering student shops.

Student Garages

The undergraduate garages give students plenty of space to work collaboratively or alone on their projects. There are five student garages for electrical and computer engineering students to plan, create, and test spanning the fourth floor of Engineering 7.