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Nestled in the Silicon Valley of the North, the University of Waterloo is intensely entrepreneurial by nature, surrounded by tech sector icons and startups dedicated to innovation, and developing new technologies with global impact. 

Engineering's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 

Engineering was the first Faculty at the University of Waterloo, founded by a group of Kitchener-Waterloo businessmen in 1957. These founders ensured that real world experience would be part of every engineer's education - and Waterloo's world-renowned co-op program was launched. At the same time, Waterloo pioneered an inventor-owns-it IP policy, allowing researchers and inventors to easily commericalize their ideas and patents.

This powerful combination led to a complete entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports a culture of collaboration, creativity and relentless risk-taking - cultivating some of Canada's youngest and most successful entrepreneurs. Over 600 companies in Canada and abroad have ties to Waterloo's Faculty of Engineering. 

There is an undeniable reputation throughout tech of the kind of engineering talent that comes out of the University of Waterloo. The students here are probably going to be the business leaders of this century."

- Alexis Ohanian

Co-founder, Reddit

Entrepreneurial Support at Waterloo Engineering

There are multiple programs to help entrepreneurial engineers get started at the University of Waterloo. These include:


Are you a UWaterloo entrepreneur?

Current students and recent alumni registered in a University of Waterloo entrepreneurship program may request access to engineering laboratories and machine shops.

For access, contact the Engineering Research Office.

Kitchener-Waterloo is Startup CityGlobe and Mail covers how we nurture local entrepreneurs.

Our Entrepreneurs

Suncayr team accepting an on-campus award from Velocity.​Suncayr, a student design project, wins James Dyson Award.

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Bladetech founder Jeffery Azzoli on the ice with his skates.The startup that gives skates an extra edge.