Guidelines on Engineering International Affairs

Guidelines on Engineering International Affairs

Procedures for Agreement Development, Renewal and Approval, and Best Practices for Hosting International Delegations


Internationalization in higher education gives our students the opportunity to realize their rights and responsibilities to improve the world for us all. It encourages all to respect differences and diversity, and to take actions in our lives and communities in a responsible manner.

The Faculty of Engineering aims to raise the international profile of Waterloo Engineering by developing and managing engineering exchange programs, increasing graduate student mobility opportunities, promoting international research agreements, and hosting international delegations. The Faculty encourages grass roots international connections, hoping to expand on professor-to-professor relationships to further enhance the international mobility opportunities for our students and faculty members.


This document was prepared for the efficient and consistent operation of Engineering International Affairs through a clear workflow process. This workflow is intended to streamline and provide clarity about the roles various individuals and offices play in the agreement approval process, in the Faculty of Engineering, and at the University. This document is shared with Waterloo International for alignment with their workflow process, and shared within the Faculty of Engineering for internal use.