Friend of the Faculty Award

This prestigious award, created in 2005, was established to provide tangible recognition to an individual, company, organization, group, or foundation for their support of the Faculty of Engineering. The Faculty of Engineering is supported by many friends but some may not have necessarily graduated from Waterloo Engineering.

The award will examine accomplishments based, but not limited, on the following criteria:

  • volunteerism
  • promotion and publicity of the Faculty
  • fundraising efforts
  • financial assistance
  • hiring graduates and co-op students
  • research collaborations
  • government support
  • University governance
  • participation as speaker or lecturer

This award will recognize the important role that the community plays in supporting the University of Waterloo and the Faculty of Engineering.

Award nomination procedure

The Faculty of Engineering welcomes nominations for its Friend of the Faculty Award from anyone familiar with the work, character and/or achievements of an individual, company, organization, group, or foundation who has supported Waterloo Engineering.

To nominate an individual, company, organization, group, or foundation for the Friend of the Faculty Award, an online nomination form must be completed and submitted by the deadline of April 30th. Engineering Alumni Affairs requests supporting documentation for the nomination which includes at least two support letters (from other than family members) to be submitted with the nomination.

Award Selection Procedure

  1. Call for nominations continues throughout the year. Friends, family, colleagues, faculty members and alumni may nominate candidates for this award.
  2. All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee, which consists of three Engineering alumni, one Engineering faculty member and the Alumni Officer, Engineering.
  3. The Nominations Committee will select up to three of the nominated candidates for consideration by the Selection Committee.
  4. The Selection Committee, which consists of an alumni from Waterloo Region, an alumni from outside of Waterloo Region, Chair of the Engineering Faculty Council and the Dean of Engineering, will review the nominations and select one Friend of the Faculty Award winner.
  5. The Friend of the Faculty Award winner will be notified by the Dean of Engineering through a telephone call and letter.
  6. Candidates nominated by the Nominations Committee but not chosen by the Selection Committee will remain in a nomination pool for consideration in subsequent years for a maximum of three (3) years.
  7. The Faculty of Engineering Friend of the Faculty Award is awarded at the annual Faculty of Engineering Awards Dinner, held each fall.

Nomination deadline

All nominations must be received by April 30. Nominations received after April 30 will be considered in the following year.

For further information about the Medal program or nominations, please contact the Senior Alumni Officer for Engineering via email.