Teaching Assistantship in the Faculty of Engineering

Teaching assistantships offer graduate students the chance to support the learning of undergraduate students while building skills that will support them in their academic careers. In addition to supporting student learning, teaching assistants also fill two essential roles: ambassador for the institution, faculty, department, and program; and front-line observer.  

ExpecTAtions teaching assistant training

The starting point for anyone who wishes to serve as a Waterloo Engineering teaching assistant (TA) is to register in the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) Teaching Assistant training: ExpecTAtions.  

ExpecTAtions is mandatory TA training offered over a two-week period to graduate students registered in the FOE. This training is held each term in October, February and June. Students who attend and complete all required training components receive a certificate noting their achievement. Currently, we deliver ExpecTAtions virtually with synchronous and asynchronous components, which takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete. 


Students will be invited to register for ExpecTAtions by their department contact:

Once students successfully register for ExpecTAtions, they will receive a confirmation email with more information on the content and deliverables.