Shared research facilities

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The Faculty of Engineering has several research facilities that can be made available for external groups to explore and use. 
For more information on utilizing these spaces for your group, please contact

Autonomous Vehicle Research & Intelligence Laboratory (AVRIL)

The Autonomous Vehicle Research & Intelligence Laboratory (AVRIL) is a 10-bay research and development workspace for various mobility applications, including automated driving, vehicle connectivity and advanced driver assistance systems. 

AVRIL is found across from Engineering 7, next to parking lot B. 

Engineering Machine Shop

The engineering machine shop provides machining and fabricating services for the University community, specifically the Faculty of Engineering. A fully equipped facility and employ four machinists and two welder/fabricators. Students are not permitted to use the equipment in this shop.

The main machine shop is in Engineering 3 (E3) studio 2121.

Green and Intelligent Automotive Research Facility (GAIA)

Pearl Sullivan Engineering IDEAS Clinic

The Pearl Sullivan Engineering IDEAS Clinic allows students to work with their peers to solve complex engineering problems. In addition, they can use this space to understand the bigger picture and relate course content to real-life situations. This can be anything from introductory one-day dissection activities to open-ended, project-based short courses.

The clinic is located on the first and second floors of Engineering 7 (E7) in studios 1427/1437 and 2409. Please see these instructions and contacts for booking.


The RoboHub is a state-of-the-art research hub for all things robotics. Home to a unique fleet of humanoid, aerial, ground, and magnetically levitated (maglev) robots enables ground-breaking research on multi-robot teams. The research team comprises experts in mechatronics, microrobotics, autonomous robotics, multi-agent networks, magnetic levitation, nonlinear control systems, artificial intelligence, and human-robot interaction.

The RoboHub is found on the first and second floor of Engineering 7 (E7), room 1339. For general inquiries about the RoboHub, please contact

Sedra Student Design Centre