Welcome to the Waterloo RoboHub

This state-of-the-art robotics research, testing, and training facility enables innovative research on multi-robot and human-robot teams with its unique fleet of fixed-base, wheeled, humanoid, aerial, and magnetically-levitated (maglev) robots. Augmenting this fleet are the RoboHub's high precision indoor positioning system and fully equipped control and command centre.

Each type of robotic platform available in the RoboHub brings its own strengths to the fleet, well established through experiment and deployment of the individual systems. The potential to combine fixed-base, wheeled, humanoid, aerial and maglev robots into effective and efficient autonomous teams stands to revolutionize industry along with producing far-reaching societal benefits.

These technologies and the researchers who use them are the reason the RoboHub is where the future of robotics will be developed.

  1. Mar. 15, 2021Robotic Exoskeleton Project featured in Waterloo Engineering article

    An exoskeleton research team led by Brokoslaw Laschowski has been featured in a Waterloo Engineering article for their work on developing intelligent controllers for robotic exoskeletons using wearable cameras and AI (see the RoboHub project description for details).

  2. Feb. 23, 2021RoboHub Manager interviewed about robotics in Waterloo Region

    The team at Waterloo EDC recently interviewed Matt Rendall, the CEO and Co-Founder of both Clearpath Robotics and Otto Motors, and our very own RoboHub Manager, Brandon DeHart, about what it's like to study, develop, sell, and use robots here in the Waterloo Region!

  3. Feb. 18, 2021Robohub researchers recieve funding for COVID-19 tracking app

    RoboHub Director William Melek and RoboHub collaborator Patricia Nieva's app for TraceSCAN has been in the works since the beginning of the pandemic. Recently, the COVID-19 tracking app has gotten provincially funded to accelerate the development of wearable contact tracing technology.

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