Tech support for robots

The RoboHub team has heard from many faculty members, lab managers, and students who struggle with the complexity of finding, selecting, purchasing, operating, and maintaining their robots. Only some of these labs are doing robotics or mechatronics research, and even those that do often lack the resources and experience required to fully make use of their systems.

RoboHub will be providing support to help these labs be more effective in their research, by helping them set up and maintain their robotic systems, along with supporting their operation and providing safety training and documentation, which meets university, provincial, and federal requirements.

Comparable services exist already on campus to help researchers and staff with computer resources (e.g., Engineering Computing), mechanical design and manufacturing (e.g., the Engineering Machine Shop), and other equipment and resources that are used to do research but whose design and development isn’t the focus of the research (e.g., the 3D Print Centre). RoboHub now provides this support for robots.