Meet the Team

RoboHub's core research team is made up of six Engineering faculty members who are international leaders in robotics research.

This diverse group of experts' collective knowledge and experience is critical for developing the next generation of robotics technologies for use in the real world, with expertise in the following topics:

Human-Robot Interaction Autonomous Systems
Nonlinear Control Systems Multi-Agent Networks
Motion Planning and Analysis Social & Service Robotics
Assistive & Wearable Devices Humanoid Robotics
Magnetically Levitated Robots Mechatronic Systems

RoboHub's extended research team includes faculty members who work in parallel and complementary fields of robotics to those listed above, often collaborating on multiple projects making use of our facility and fleet with members of the core research team.

RoboHub's dedicated team of technical and administrative staff takes care of supporting our research teams in achieving their academic goals, providing various robotics-related services, and handling the day-to-day operations and management of our facility and fleet.

RoboHub's team of staff and faculty, along with the hundreds of post-docs, students, and visiting scholars in the research team's affiliated labs, centres, and institutes, also work closely with local, national, and international collaborators across academia and industry.