About the RoboHub

The RoboHub's state-of-the-art robotics facility combined with its world-renowned team of researchers and globally unique fleet of fixed-base, rolling, walking, and flying robots that enable research across our four core research themes are the reason that the RoboHub is where the future of robotics will be developed.

Each type of robotic platform available to members of the RoboHub community brings its own strengths to the fleet, well established through experiment and deployment of the individual systems.

The potential to combine various robots into autonomous multi-robot and effective human-robot teams will revolutionize the industry, along with producing far-reaching societal benefits.

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The Waterloo RoboHub was originally envisioned as a collaborative robotics research facility where the six founding faculty members could work on cutting edge robotics research, both as an extension of their own individual labs and as a collective resource where their teams of post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students, and other collaborators could combine their expertise to forge new connections in the robotics field.

The placement and design of the RoboHub facility, as a robot-filled glass cube in the heart of Engineering 7, provides a unique window into the state-of-the-art research that happens here. This prominent spot also meant that before the facility even opened in 2018, the RoboHub had already grown far beyond anything the founders’ initial vision could have foreseen.

The investments in the RoboHub to date by the Provincial and Federal Governments via both the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Advanced Manufacturing Consortium, with associated financial and administrative support from the Provost and several units within the Faculty of Engineering, were instrumental in enabling the RoboHub to get to where it is today.