About the RoboHub

The RoboHub is a state-of-the-art robotics research, testing, and training facility at the heart of the new Engineering 7 building at the University of Waterloo. Surrounded on three sides by floor to ceiling windows looking out on gathering spaces on the building's first two floors, the RoboHub offers a showcase of active robotics research for visiting scholars, industry partners and students alike.

This facility itself has a high-precision indoor positioning system and movable environmental features (fans, stairs, doors, obstacles, etc.), along with a globally unique fleet of fixed-base, wheeled, humanoid, aerial, and magnetically levitated robots. A dedicated control centre within the RoboHub enables extensive visualization and telemetry display, as well as providing off-board computational resources and network infrastructure for the distribution of algorithm execution.

This unique facility opens new avenues of multidisciplinary research to explore the potential of these combined robotic technologies. It enables researchers to operate richly heterogeneous robot teams and simulate complex real-world environments.

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Check out our 360 tour of the Waterloo RoboHub. Use your mouse to click and drag to get a full 360 degree view of the RoboHub.