General research support

The RoboHub's support of general research initiatives includes running grad-level workshops, facilitating collaborations between groups working with similar robots or technologies, problem-specific coaching and advice, help with optimal platform selection, platform-specific safety courses, technical assistance and training, and providing experienced guidance related to solving hard research problems.

We also provide shared access to our state-of-the-art facility and globally unique fleet to enable and facilitate research projects that may require equipment and space far beyond what a given researcher or lab has available. In many cases, this leads to research teams being able to acquire more advanced or specialized equipment, sensors, and robots, which are often then made available to other researchers to use via the RoboHub.

Providing this support ensures that researchers are not held back by the frequent and challenging issues which naturally arise in the pursuit of robot-based research. The RoboHub acts here as a knowledge sharing and training group and helps to remove barriers between different research groups who can benefit from shared resources and shared research projects.