Events and tours

The RoboHub has been featured in many external-facing activities since before opening in 2018, with our facility cited as the “most visited lab on campus” in 2019.

The most common activities the RoboHub has hosted are public and private events, external productions (i.e., photoshoots and filming), and tours for academics, industrial partners, politicians, and students from primary school through to PhD candidates.

Other than our regular tours and interviews, this has ranged from hosting multi-day events, such as the 2018 IEEE Humanoids Conference, a competitive robotics-based challenge for an episode of Amazing Race Canada, and Robert Downey Jr's documentary on the Future of AI, to supporting half-day events like providing a robot panellist for the launch of the Waterloo AI Institute, supplying a robotic dance-partner for a photoshoot, and having a robot drive the cake onto the stage at the official opening of Engineering 7.

Visitors often join us via Engineering's Development & Alumni Affairs and Marketing & Communications teams and Waterloo's central Office of Advancement and Government Relations teams.