Funding, Scholarships and Awards

Waterloo Engineering offers competitive funding for our graduate students. Financial support is available from many sources, including: graduate research studentships from supervisors’ grants, teaching assistantships, internal awards, federal and provincial government scholarships, institutional scholarships, bursaries, and loans provided by the government of Ontario.

On average, in 2021/22 Faculty of Engineering students received the following funding, including TAs:

  • Master of Applied Science (MASc) $30 000
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) $47 000

Minimum funding for graduate students

All full-time students in the MASc and PhD programs are guaranteed a minimum level of funding while they are within their program time limits and in good academic standing. All funding is contingent on satisfactory academic progress throughout the duration of a student's program. 

Departments may choose to offer a higher minimum to all students and individual supervisors may choose to support students above the minimum requirements.  

Minimum levels of funding are inclusive of vacation pay and benefits.

Plan Duration Amount (per year)
MASc 6 terms (2 years) $18,000
PhD-2 (from a complete Master's) 12 terms (4 years) $26,000
PhD-3 (from a Bachelor's) 15 terms (5 years) $26,000

100 new awards and fellowships

In spring 2018, we began offering additional fellowships for Canadian and Permanent Resident students entering Engineering Research Programs.  The funding initiative includes PhD Fellowships valued at up to $120,000 over 4 years and MASc Fellowships valued at up to $50,000 over 2 years.

There is also a Dean's Entrance award for all top students!

Students with a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) award will get a President's Graduate Scholarship (PGS) top-up of $10,000+ each year. 

Awards administered by the Engineering Graduate Studies Office

Awards and scholarship resources

The following are a couple sites which may be useful in researching the awards available to students at the University of Waterloo:

Please contact a Departmental Scholarship Coordinator for more detailed information.