Demand for professionals with specialized engineering knowledge and skills has never been greater. The University of Waterloo offers a wide array of master's and PhD programs to fill this gap. 

Research programs

Master of Architecture (MArch): 6-7 courses, original research, thesis, 2 years

Master of Applied Science (MASc): 4-5 courses, original research, thesis, 2 years

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): 3-4 courses, original research, thesis, 4 years

Dual PhD degrees (cotutelle) are issued when one doctoral dissertation is used to fulfil the requirements for a doctorate in two different universities in two different countries.

Professional programs 

Master of Engineering (MEng): 8 courses, typically completed in 16 months (4 terms), some programs available online

Master of Engineering (MEng), Co-Op: See specific departments for further details

Master of Management Sciences (MMSc): 8 courses, 1 year (3 terms), available online and on campus

Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MBET): 9 courses, commercialization project, 1 year (or part-time option, 3 years)

Degree programs by department