Future graduate students

The professional Master of Architecture degree prepares graduate students for entry into the profession of architecture. It offers an extension of the knowledge base required of practicing professionals to students with a pre-professional undergraduate degree in Architecture from an accredited university program.

Combining elements of a professional master's program and a research-oriented master's program, the Waterloo Master of Architecture offers a unique opportunity to engage in self-directed research and develop a minimum three term independent research and design thesis while completing the required coursework for professional preparation. The program supports the development of critical thinking in architecture. While it introduces students, through coursework, to the ethical, legal, administrative and practical aspects of the profession, the program builds upon a firm commitment toward architecture as a cultural act and practice. As such, the Waterloo MArch professional degree focuses on preparing students for a future that can only be constructed with the accumulated material of our collective cultural histories. Balancing technological innovation with techniques and knowledge drawn from vernacular architecture, and contemporary questions with academic rigour and historical study, Waterloo’s goal is to inflect positive change in future architects’ capacities’ to act and think.

Options available to graduate students include - co-op opportunities, international research travel, a term in the Rome studio, and the University’s Water Program and Structures Certificate. With the support of our community of internationally-recognized faculty, staff, and students, students have the opportunity to position an architectural design and research thesis in relation to complex contemporary situations informing future architectural practice. 

Please note that faculty do not directly admit students.  All inquiries about admission should be sent to archgradinfo@uwaterloo.ca

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