Faculty Research

The Waterloo Master of Architecture program offers the opportunity to pursue an in-depth design or research thesis under the supervision of our internationally recognized faculty with expertise in a broad range of research areas.

Mohamad T. Araji

Parametric design, Form finding theories, Façade systems, Sustainable materials, Renewable energy, Decarbonization, Environmental air quality, GHG emissions reduction, Data visualization, Multivariate optimization, Aerial-UAV building auditing, Deep learning and neural networks, Image processing, Urban performance modeling

Philip Beesley

Digital Design and Fabrication Technologies, Urbanization

Tara Bissett

Housing (institutional and domestic), Women’s Spatial Practice and Design Histories, Children and Urbanism, Participatory Practice, Disability Justice, Counter Hegemonies.

Terri Meyer Boake

Structures, Competitions, Film Environments, Tall Buildings

David Correa

Bio-inspired design, Self-assembly and self-forming Materials, 4D printing, Robotic fabrication, Material architectures

David T Fortin

Relationality, Home, Métis design

Rick Haldenby

Rome, Waterloo Region, Archaeology, Villa, Post-war Modernism, Intensification, Cultural Sites

Jane Mah Hutton

Material Culture, Material Flows, Landscape Architecture, Regenerative Design, Urban Metabolism, Circularity, Reuse and Repair, Environmental History, Climate and Spatial Justice, Feminist Perspectives

Marie-Paule Macdonald

Urbanism, Contemporary Architecture, Modern Urbanism

Maya Przybylski

Computation, Data, Ethics, Materials, Design Methods, Smart Cities

John Straube

Enclosure, Technical Design, Building Performance, Energy Efficiency, Building Materials, Building Products

Robert Jan van Pelt

Auschwitz, Biblical architecture, Concentration camps, Emergency architecture, Exhibition development and design, Forensic architecture, History of Ideas, Holocaust denial, Refugees, The Holocaust

Lola Sheppard

Rural and remote architecture, Arctic architecture and urbanism, Inuit and First Nations architecture, entangled environments, spatial practice

Linda Zhang

Architectural Memory, Chinatown, Community Power, Participatory Action Research, Affect Theory, Indexicality, Ceramics