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The School of Architecture at Waterloo is a leader in design education and research. It offers a fully cooperative professional program, and has been rated the greenest architecture curriculum in Canada. It is also the only Canadian school of architecture to have a permanent international facility, which has operated since 1979 in Rome, Italy. The school attracts top students from across Canada and around the world.

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  1. May 21, 2021Grove opens at the Venice Biennale of Architecture
    image of woman standing beneath Grove exhibit

  2. May 17, 2021Venice Biennale GROVE sneak peek
    image of GROVE installation in progress

    The Living Architecture Systems Group’s GROVE project opens this month at the Venice Biennale. The pool-shaped form in the middle acts as a kind of well that will receive a CGI-based film entitled Grove Cradle. 40 channels of sound will weave in and out around it, enacting a death-to-life-to-death cycle that includes mineral, liquid and organic forms rising and transforming into a child’s form who wakes and explores, touching and communicating hesitantly. Sound includes extracts from Flaubert’s Temptations of St.

  3. May 14, 2021Babyn Yar synagogue opens in Ukraine
    image of the synagogue

    A synagogue designed by Basel-based architect Manuel Herz for the Babyn Yar site in Kyiv, Ukraine, held it's official opening. It is a pop-up synagogue that stands in the tradition of the wooden synagogues of Eastern Europe that were all destroyed during the Holocaust. It is a building that is inspired by the children’s pop-up book.

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  1. June 10 to July 15, 20212021 Distinguished International Visiting Scholar Program
    A vibrant red poster of the event series with all of the speaker information and dates in white font.

  2. June 21, 2021Lisa Heschong - Visual and Thermal Delight in Architecture
    image of book cover Visual Delight in Architecture

    The 2B studio is sharing a speaker event with the larger community. Lisa Heschong, author of the seminal Thermal Delight in Architecture, will be sharing her new book with us Visual Delight in Architecture. It will be discussed broadly through the trajectory of her career, and will focus on topics especially central to the 2B term including microclimates, environment, and the concept of nature.

  3. June 22, 2021The Anthropocene
    Poster - Teaser

    The Anthropocene

    The School of Architecture is pleased to host an open lecture by Mkomose (Dr. Andrew Judge). Mkomose is an Assistant Professor of Anishinaabe Studies at Algoma University and Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig, and sessional lecuturer at The University of Waterloo.

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