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The School of Architecture is home to many innovative and creative students. In addition to their studies, Waterloo Architecture students are constantly going above and beyond, creating their own personal projects and initiatives. The following websites are just a sample of some of the great work being done by our students.


Bridge Logo

"Founded in 2012, BRIDGE Centre for Architecture + Design is a student-run initiative made to bridge the gap between Waterloo Architecture students, professors, alumni, and the community of Cambridge, Ontario. Working with our fellow school clubs, we strive to reach beyond the brick walls of the School of Architecture.

We value inclusivity, transparency, and the stories that shape the lives of people around us.  We are a team of curious thinkers, conversation makers, and architecture students working to share student work, life and stories at the School of Architecture. Interested in joining this eclectic team as a writer, content-creator or event organizer? We’d love to hear from you—what’s your story? Send us an email or DM on Instagram or Facebook @BRIDGEarch. 

The Connection Collective 

a group of seven students with collection connective text overlay

Find your community with Connection Collective!

Connection Collective is an opportunity for equity-deserving students to connect with other equity-deserving students.

Connection Collective is a group mentorship program, facilitated by the Student Success Office, to support historically underrepresented students, such as Black, Indigenous, Racialized students, students part of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, students impacted by their socio-economic status, students in larger bodies, disabled students, neurodivergent students and any intersection of any of these identifiers. In this program, there is emphasis on intersectionality, understanding that there are multiple pieces to one's identity. If you're wondering whether this program would be a fit for you, please reach out to us!  

What can I expect in the winter term?

Over the winter term, groups of Connection Leads (what we call our Peer Mentors!) will send individual, personalized check-in messages weekly, to start conversations about how your time at UW is going. Through a Microsoft Teams channel, you will receive notifications about discussion groups and activity-based meet-up events hosted by Connection Leads. Join us to get connected, find supports on campus, build community and foster equitable spaces, all while having fun doing it! 

Once registered, you will receive an email with detailed information regarding how the program works, as well as a notification that you've been added to our Teams Channel. Our Teams Channel is open until Spring 2024.


Form lab icon

F_RMlab is an open collective of graduate and undergraduate students situated at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture.

F_RMlab exists to provide an ongoing platform for peer-peer learning and collaboration. We specifically engage with computational design tools and alternative methods of digital fabrication as means to explore the potential of interactive art and architecture. Furthermore, we believe that it is important to ground the process of collaborative design and experimentation in real-world projects.

Team members
Co-Directors, Chris Hardy (M1) + Adrian Chiu (MB)
M4, Shanze Shahbaz
M2, Peter Kwak, Cynthia Eng
MB, Carlo Rosel

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galt publication logo

galt. publication is a student-run, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing student work in the context of the larger architectural scene.

The publication brings together the voices of students at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture (UWSA) with a larger community of students, schools, designers, activists, professionals, and academics through the publication of print, and digital, media. galt. publication uses an annual theme to curate a collection of projects, essays, artworks and interviews around topics important to young architectural designers and thinkers. The editorial team collaborates continually to shape each submission as a part of a larger narrative and a larger discussion. At its core, the identity of galt. publication is one of an independent editorial team that actively engages with architectural discourse. and our Instagram

MAP – Mentorship for Architecture Peers 

MAP is a mentorship based program that connects incoming and junior students with knowledgeable upper year and masters students for the purpose of learning and support.

Architecture school can be a tremendously fun and exciting experience, but it can also be very stressful at times. MAP recognizes this and provides an opportunity to learn from your peers and receive guidance from students who are familiar with the academic and social environment of UWSA. This term MAP is pivoting away from its past group mentorship format and towards an informal contact model. Please see the MAP mentors poster for a list of current mentors including their interests, areas of research and contact information. Any student seeking an answer to a UWSA related question, some academic guidance or someone to chat with about their school experience can reach out to any of the mentors within their listed availability. MAP looks forward to welcoming incoming students and chatting with current ones so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

MAP email:

Sustainability Collective 

 The Sustainability Collective is an open group of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to addressing how we can implement meaningful and lasting change in our school, community, and profession.

In our school we act on two fronts: the first is in academics, where we create and advocate for a curriculum centred around greater environmental, social, and political responsibility as architects. The second is in the occupation of our school building. We will improve waste management, raise awareness of best practices, and design new ways for students to use and re-use materials within the architectural education process.
In our community we will connect with local movements and activists working toward sustainability as well as other student initiatives within the University and across Canada working toward similar goals. Through resource sharing and offering our design skills, we can expand the Collective into a powerful force for change.
In our profession we seek to encourage new discussions and ideas about the future of buildings and cities in a world of ecological and social justice. We produce writing, invite speakers, host discussions, and fund sustainably oriented conference participation.

Contact information
Sustainability Collective




The Society of Waterloo Architecture Graduates (SWAG) is the official representative body for all graduate architecture students at the University of Waterloo. We serve our students by working with administration, holding seats on committees, and performing other administrative duties.

SWAG is a student run, not-for-profit organization whose membership consists of the graduate students of the School of Architecture. We actively promote and represent graduate student interests to the university administration and various levels of government, in addition SWAG acts to stimulate social, intellectual, and political contact among its members. Our efforts focus on issues such as student funding, working conditions, academic regulations, and University services.
SWAG offers financial support towards events organized by grad student organizations and initiatives. SWAG is also a partner in organizing the annual Graduate Student Research Conference at the main campus.
If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, please contact us at our general email:

President: Adrian Chiu​ W2021
Treasurer: Audrey Leung
MB Representatives: Carlo Rosel + Ashwati Joseph
M1 rep: Elzabeth Antczak
CASA Representative: Max Perry
WASA Liason: Chris Hardy
Event Coordinator: Lucy Lin
GSA Liason: Meryem Chaboun

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Treaty Lands, Global Stories

Treaty Lands, Global Stories is a student-led initiative that aims to create a space for discussions centered on place, diversity, and equity within our curriculum, the school culture, and our profession.

Through informal conversations, panel discussions, workshops, and other initiatives we hope to share experiences and ideas on how to bring new richness to the discourse in the school and beyond. We aim to look beyond the Western World in our cultural study, acknowledge Canada’s Indigenous heritage, and respond to the diversity that already exists within the student body. We would love to hear from you!


Follow us on Instagram @treatylands.globalstories


WASA logo

The Waterloo Architecture Students Association (WASA) is the undergraduate student union elected to represent all undergraduate architecture students.

WASA meets weekly, they tackle every issue from tuition policy to campus safety. WASA hosts many exciting events for students every term, as well as run a number of small and student-focused services on campus.  Organized by: Waterloo Architecture Students Association (WASA) Attending Notes If you would like to raise a concern, start a discussion or propose an event to your student representatives, please reach out to the contact listed below to gain access to the meeting.

This link will take you to a list of "Our People"

Our Social Media
Instagram: @wasa.arch


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Waterloo Architecture Christian Fellowship (WACF)


WACF is Waterloo Architecture's Christian Fellowship who meet to explore what it means to follow Jesus.

We meet regularly to learn more about God through Bible study and discussions, as well as to encourage, pray for, and share life with one another. People of all spiritual backgrounds are welcome! If you have any questions or want to reach out, you can contact us at 


 WAUHAUS is a student run grouply meetup where participants have the opportunity to participate in short 1-2 hours design charrettes and tutorials. 

We at WAUHAUS want to give students an opportunity to learn and practice new skills of design and representation in


a setting that brings together many different creative disciplines.  The group meets every Saturday at 4pm and often has a brief tutorial before the design challenge to cover new software or a piece of architectural history significant to that day’s activity.



We Climb (fake) Rocks

indoor rock climbing

We Climb (fake) Rocks is The University of Waterloo School of Architecture Climbing Club. Aimed at promoting and providing opportunities around the sport of climbing, and related activities. Giving students the opportunity to get out of the school and get moving!

Typically, we go to the Core here in Cambridge (take the 51B from Ainslie Terminal or a 15min drive). 

New to climbing? Check out these first-time tips:

Facebook group link: