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The Waterloo Architecture Students Association is the undergraduate student union elected to represent all undergraduate architecture students. They tackle every issue from tuition policy to campus safety. WASA hosts many exciting events for students every term, as well as run a number of small and student-focused services on campus.

WASA contact email: wasa.chair@gmail.com

Our people


Cecilia Sereda (2A)

VP Communications

Jayden Chan (2A)

VP Student Life

Mariem Saad (2A)

VP Finance


1A Representatives

Wanying Pei

Amelia Campoli

2A Representatives

Tobi Alade

Rachel Jia

3B Representative

Cynthia Zhang



Marketing Coordinator

Batool Alqasas (1A)

Club Coordinator


Event Coordinator

Brianna Klei (3B)

Athletics Director

Eva Long (1A)

Funding Coordinator

Maeve Wang (2A)