School of Architecture Awards

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Undergraduate award winners 2019-2020

1A Fall 2019
Highest Academic Standing in 1A (overall GPA)
Maxwell Steppuhn
Adrien Fera

1A Fall 2019
​​Outstanding Design Work in 1A (Arch 192) 
Maxwell Steppuhn
Adrien Fera
Jessica Kong

1B Winter 2020
Outstanding Design Work in 1B (Arch 193) 
Nicole Cao

​2A Fall 2019
Outstanding Design Work in 2A (Arch 292) 
Maxwell Perry
Isaac Walsh

2B Spring 2019
Outstanding Design Work in 2B (Arch 293) 
Cian Hrabi 

1A-2B Technology Prize
Highest Standing in Technology Courses (Arch 172, 173, 260, 276)
Cian Hrabi 

1A-2B Jo Beglo Book Prize
Outstanding Work in Cultural History (Arch 142, 143, 246, 247)
Aurora Chi 

3A Winter 2020
Outstanding Design Work 3A (Arch 392) 
Cian Hrabi

3B Fall 2019
Outstanding Design Work 3B (Arch 393)
Levitt Studio
Cynthia Lily Tran 
Przybylski Studio
   Alina Turean  
Sheppard Studio
Caroline Brodeur & Yi Ming Wu
Tyrrell Studio
   Max Schramp

OAA Award
Caroline Brodeur
Yi Ming Wu
Cian Hrabi 

The Rome Prize
Outstanding overall design work in 1st 3 years, completed in 2019
(Arch 192, 193, 292, 293, 392, 393:F19)   
Caroline Brodeur

4A Fall 2019
Highest Academic Standing in 4A
Jing Liao & Tianyi Huang

4A Fall 2019
Outstanding Design Work in 4A (Arch 492: 001 & 002)
Jing Liao & Tianyi Huang

4A Fall 2019 The Smale Fellowship
Highest Standing in design and academic averages and play a role in the profession
Fion Fong

4B Spring 2019
Outstanding Design Work in 4B (Arch 493)
Monica Patel

​4B Spring 2019
Highest Academic Standing in 4B (4B GPA)
Levi van Weerden 

Cultural History Prize
Overall Standing in Cultural History 1A - 4B 
Devin Ardnt 
Natasha Klink

Norm Li
​Submission Based
1st place - Byron Cai
2nd place - Cynthia Lily Tran

CISC Canadian Institute of Steel Construction Award
Best use of steel in Design
Chi Un Lee

​Energy+Design Award
​Submission Based
Christina Vogiatzis​

Graduate award winners 2019-2020

OAA Guild Medal
Outstanding Thesis MArch

Jason McMillan

Dr. Daleep Singh Memorial Award
David Ogbe
Chichi Ogbu

Achievement in MA/MB year

Nupur Garg
Florence Ma
Prateek Wason

Barry Bell Scholarship 
Thesis excellence in international architecture 
Dio Yu Chu Su
Omar Ferwati

RBC Water Scholarships
Maria Luiza Ottoni

RAIC Medal
Outstanding Thesis MArch 2019 + Top Average for MArch (one of 4 below)
Joanne Yau

RAIC Honour Roll
Top 10% Academic Average for MArch 2019-20 (1 above + 3)
Joanne Yau

Jason McMillan
Daniel Abad
Evelyn Hofmann

Alpha Rho Chi Medal
For leadership and professional promise
Emmeily Zhang

Ron Sims Purchase Prize
Outstanding presentations work for MArch Thesis 2019

Haneen Dalla-Ali

Design Studio Award
MA/MB Achievement 690/691
Maria Luiza Ottoni

TR&D Acheivement Award
Top standing Arch 692/693 F2019/W2020

Kelsey Dawson

ARCC King Student Medal
Excellence in Architectural & Environmental Design Research

Daniel Abad

Marj Schaefer Award
Contribution to School of Architecture

Maddi Hadley
Tony Kogan
Julia Nakanishi
Omar Ferwati
Jessica Hanzelkova
Dani Kastelein

AIA Medal & Certificate
Outstanding Thesis MArch 2020 (Henry Adams Medal)
Evelyn Hofmann

Excellence in Architecture TA Award
Outstanding TA in Architecture selected by students

Dani Kastelein
Nicholas Frayne
Kelsey Malott

Nominees for Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence
Outstanding Thesis MArch 2019
Amirhesam Monshi
Emmeily Zhang
Jason McMillan
Matthew Barker

Urban Strategies Inc. Award
Best Urban Design

Alex Robinson

Commended Theses
Daniel Abad
Matthew Barker
Nicholas Frayne
Evelyn Hofmann
Tak Yi Leung
Jason McMillan
Amirhesam Monshi
Richard Mui
Nathan Wang
Joanne Yau
Emmeily Zhang


There are various scholarship opportunities for incoming students to the First Year of the program. These are normally based upon academic achievement.

Entrance scholarships are automatically awarded to incoming students who have not previously studied at a post secondary institution, and whose mid-May average is 85% or higher. No application is required. You must accept your Offer of Admission by the date specified on the offer to remain eligible for these scholarships.

There are additional entrance scholarships based upon Faculty requirements.

A wide range of specific scholarship opportunities exist for both incoming and upper year students that are closely linked to donor requirements.

As scholarship, bursary and student award information changes regularly, please examine the University website for more details.

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