Waterloo School of Architecture in Spring

Who do I contact when

You are encouraged to contact your instructor for all course related concerns. If you need academic advice outside the classroom:

If you have a concern with your course or course instructor(s):

  • Contact your instructor(s) first and follow up with them.
  • Let your class reps know if it is a larger collective concern; they can follow up with the instructor/s as well.
  • Reach out to the undergraduate or graduate office (to your ASC) if the interaction and response with the instructor does not resolve the concern.
  • The Associate Dean Undergraduate or Graduate Studies will get involved as a next step if they need to.
  • If the response is still not satisfactory, you can look at the petition or grievance process laid out in Policy 70, for further support.

If you are concerned about bringing individual concerns forward, your class reps may be a first step before reaching out to the administration. Student leadership in WASA and SWAG may also be a point of contact for things related to the gym, engagement, events, etc.

Facilities concerns can be reported to the front office/Administrative Assistant, and escalated to Administrative Officer if they are unresolved.