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Waterloo is pleased to provide the President's Graduate Scholarship (PGS) to outstanding graduate students who hold major federally and provincially funded competition-based scholarships.

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  1. Mar. 12, 2023Upcoming workshops on "Time Management for Researchers"
    Hourglass sitting on a desk

    The Office of Research is hosting a virtual workshop on "Time Management for Researchers," which will be held on March 24 (12:00 to 1:30 p.m.) and then again on March 29 (3:00 to 4:30 p.m.). 

  2. Mar. 9, 2023Waterloo Innovation Summit- Rethinking Global Travel: Designing more sustainable journeys from A to B

    On April 21, 2023, the University of Waterloo, in partnership with MaRS  - North America’s largest urban innovation hub, will connect some of the world’s leading experts on sustainable aeronautics, electric vehicles, autonomous technologies, and clean energy to reimagine the future of local and global transportation.

  3. Feb. 16, 2023Update on graduate student financial support

    Annually, the Graduate Student Relations Committee (GSRC), brings together graduate students, Faculty leaders, and University administrators to conduct a holistic review of graduate student support levels.

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  1. Mar. 22, 2023At home at UWaterloo: Addressing your graduate housing questions
    Graduate housing townhouses

    Congratulations on receiving an offer to UWaterloo – we can’t wait to have you join us in the fall! “Where am I going to live?” is probably one of the big questions on your mind as you’re figuring out what your grad school experience will be like with us, and we’re here to help you answer that.

  2. Mar. 24, 2023Income Tax Seminar for Postdocs
    A person doing taxes

    Register to attend the Income Tax Seminar for postdocs!

    Did you know that tax returns are due to the Canada Revenue Agency on May 1, 2023? This seminar will provide an overview of the Canadian income tax return submission process to support you in filing your taxes. 

  3. Mar. 28, 2023The Wicked Problem of Climate Change Symposium
    The Wicked Problem of Climate Change Symposium

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  1. Mar. 14, 2023"We are Family"
    3 crochet baby hats

    At Waterloo we understand that many of our graduate students are (or are about to become) parents who are trying to balance their studies with family obligations.

  2. Feb. 21, 2023Policy 30: frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers!
    black banner with text Policy 30: employment of graduate student teaching assistants frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Answering some common questions about the recently updated Policy 30: Employment of Graduate Student Teaching Assistant.

  3. Jan. 23, 2023Supporting student professional development: An individual approach
    Professional Skill Foundations

    In the academic context, we often refer to graduate students as if they belong to one group, defined by their engagement in graduate studies, however, in reality, we know that each of our graduate students is unique.

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