Admission Requirements

You can find the admission requirements of each program in all Engineering Departments and schools in the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA)  Academic Calendar.

Start to prepare the application documents. and determine how long it will take you to gather the necessary information.​ All documents must be uploaded online through the application portal. ​

It is important to ensure you can get details in on time and understand the types of admission.

Visit our graduate tuition and budget page.

​​A complete application consists of: ​

  1. Man working on computer
    ​- If you have international credentials, see the guide for equivalences. ​
  2. References 
    -At least one academic​.
  3. Supplementary Information Form ​
  1. Resume 
    -A CV is also acceptable.
  2.  Proof of English Language Proficiency (ELP)  with the minimum required scores
    -If you are an international student or you completed your degree outside Canada. ​
  3. Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)
    -Only if applicable for your program.
  4. Finding a Supervisor
    -Only for Master of Applied Science (MASc) and Doctoral (PhD) degrees.

    -You don’t need a supervisor to apply, but the admission depends on the student finding a suitable supervisor. We suggest you to follow the steps and advice about how to find a supervisor.  

International Students

International students require a visa to study in Canada. Please check that you meet the requirements for this study permit before applying to Waterloo. If you meet the criteria, start preparing your study permit documentation as soon as possible. That way, if you receive an offer letter from Waterloo, you can apply for the study permit right away. If after you applied to UWaterloo, you wait to receive an offer letter before preparing your visa documentation, you might not get the study permit in time to take your place at Waterloo Engineering. We advise you to get ready in advance. 

Application Deadlines

Begin your application at least two weeks prior to the deadlines below to give your referees enough time to submit references on your behalf, and to ensure you have enough time to upload the documents required.

We recommend you upload your documents within two weeks of receiving your Waterloo ID Number so we can begin reviewing your application package. ​

The Graduate Studies Application is online. The University of Waterloo Graduate Office does not accept paper based application. Only complete online applications following the application deadline will be considered for the requested program.

Faculty of Engineering and School of Architecture: Conrad School

Intake May/Spring 2025 - Oct 1 2024

Intake September/Fall 2025 - Feb 1 2025

Intake January/Winter 2026 - June 1st 2025

MBET: Intake September/Fall 2025 - June 1st 2025
PhD: Intake September/Fall 2025 - Feb 1st 2025
Intake January/Winter 2025 - Oct 1st 2024
Intake May/Spring 2025 - Feb 1st 2025
Intake September/Fall 2025 - June 1st 2025

Admission Requirements by Department

Admission Requirements by School