Future Students

Challenge the status quo, collaborate, innovate and learn to create.
You might just change the world.

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo combines North America’s best engineering and architecture programs with a hands-on, immersive learning experience that will take you beyond the classroom. You’ll gain valuable work experience in our world-renowned co-op program, develop your skills in state-of-the-art facilities using real-world processes and technology and learn from cutting-edge startups in the heart of Canada’s most entrepreneurial region.
As a Waterloo Engineering student, you'll be part of Canada's largest undergraduate engineering program and by graduation, you’ll be creating the technology of the future.

The Undergraduate Journey

1. Program information

Find out about Waterloo Engineering and its programs. All of our undergraduate programs are direct entry, meaning you’ll be pursuing your passions from the beginning in a specific area of engineering. You choose your specialty when you apply, allowing you to gain tailored knowledge and a robust, field-specific skill set from day one.

2. Admissions information

Learn more about our admissions process and how to fund your university education including required high school courses, the required Admission Information Form (AIF), optional Online Video Interview and various scholarship opportunities.

*The Admission Information Form (AIF) is not a requirement for Architecture.

3. Ask questions

Wondering about courses, co-op, careers, student experience, residence or applying? We're here to help! Join us for either an in-person or virtual tour and see what our campus has to offer. Talk to a current engineering student about their experience in a specific engineering program, with 'Ask a Warrior'.

4. Your life at Waterloo

Waterloo Engineering has a strong foundation built on innovation and co-op education, coupled with a vibrant community of students who love to work hard and play harder. Race with our Concrete Toboggan design team, sing with an a cappella group, become an Engineering ambassador – whatever your interests, you’ll be in good company.

Co-op jobs

Engineering at Waterloo means you'll be graduating with 2 years of co-op work experience over 6 work terms. Find out what first year co-op might be like and resources to help you prepare for it.

Student life

Get in on the action! Waterloo offers over 20 student design teams, a Women in Engineering group, a dedicated Engineering Society, as well as more than 200 clubs and many exciting faculty-wide events.

5. Engineering experience

After accepting

Learn what your first year will look like and how you can prepare for university over the summer with programs like ALEKS Math and Waterloo Ready.

Your first year

Find out about things going on during your first year and the resources available to you. It covers your requirements for passing and contacts for questions.

Academic support

Academic support just lists out your support resources for academics, mental health and more. There are program-specific people listed who can help too.

Student exchange

Explore the requirements and application process for studying abroad. Students from other institutions can also find more about exchanging to Waterloo.